January 13, 2012

Lusting after ...

I got so much lovely stuff for my birthday and Christmas that it seems kind of ungracious to post a Lusting after ... so close to the holidays. But 2012 is a new year! Filled with lots of new things to catch my eye.* Like:

These boots.

(I can't resist the metallics.)

These sparkly lights.

(I like living in a pretend fairly land.)

This phone stand.

(This style of phone makes me giddy. If it was red, I'd get it in a hot second.)

This ring.

(Stars are the best shape.)

This lovely dress.

(It's a lovely mix of secretary and minx.)

This sweater.

(Again, with the metallics.)

This mug.

(How cute!)

These wedges.

(I'm not big on booties, but these are epic. Thank you to Monique of Bye Bye Blackbird for telling me to check out the Iron Fist website.)

These oxfords.

(If I was a superhero, glitter would be my weakness.)

This bag.

(Mustard yellow is such a great accent color.)

This planner.

(I need planners to function in society properly. If they look good, all's the better.)

This sweater.

(Have ampersands already been done? Who cares!)

These band-aids.

(Pants for Pants!)

This suit.

(The neon accents are so grand.)

This pullover.

(Metallics. Sparkle. 'Nuff said.)

And pretty much everything in the J. Crew spring line, in many colors. Including:

This sweater.

This shirt.

These capris.

These jeans.

These shorts.

These topsiders.

What kind of exciting spring things have you ran across lately?

Before I sign off for the week, I've got some fun news: I will be introducing two new blog features in the next couple of weeks. So stay tuned! And have a great weekend, everyone.

*I promise I'm not as superficial as this makes me seem!


  1. Yes yes yes yes... to everything. Yes.

  2. I wouldn't mind owning some of the above pants, sweaters, and those adorable mugs.

  3. Ah...so many things on this list that I <3!! Thanks for the mention;)

  4. Glad you guys approve. (Honestly. I felt very conflicted about post this, haha!)

  5. At first glance, I thought the starry string lights were bracelets. But bracelet or not, they're so pretty!

    - Nina

    1. They would be lovely as bracelets, too! :)