January 31, 2012

obsessed.: Nathan Barnatt and his Dances Moves

I'd like you all to meet Nathan Barnatt, my new Internet boyfriend. Colt introduced the two of us late last week.

There's something about his Dances Moves that are just irresistible.

Seriously, though, how hilarious are these videos? The dude can dance, even when he's being/looking ridiculous.

Here's another video that ties in with last week's obsessed.:

And yes, your eyes are not deceiving you—Barnatt is Hungry Eyes.

January 30, 2012

Renter's Delight: The Murtis, Part 1

Finally, amirite? Over the weekend, the stars aligned—I cleaned from stem to stern, most of the decorating is finished and there was plenty of natural light. So I took some photos to share with you.

These are a general overview of the space; I plan on taking some detail shots later for a separate post on my most favorite things in our home.


The living room:

The dining area:

The kitchen:

There are still a few things left to be done, including organizing one corner of the library and hanging art in the bedroom, but we're getting there!

January 27, 2012

Geek of the Week: Meet Colt

I'm so excited to start off this feature with a profile of the biggest geek I know—my husband.

What's your name?

Where are you from?

What does it mean to you to be a geek/nerd?
Being a geek/nerd to me means being enthusiastic and excited about the things you like regardless of what others think.

What are 2–5 things you're particularly passionate about?
Math, video games, graphic novels and cycling. (And my WIFE!)

Why are you passionate about these things?
They are the things I enjoy and I find entertaining. (And my wife because she's awesome and wonderful,  duh!)

Do you have any special or hidden talents?
I'm musically inclined, or so I've been told.

What was your favorite book/movie/TV show/other from 2011?
My road bike.

What book/movie/TV show/other are you most looking forward to in 2012?

Do you have a "go-to" karaoke/Rock Band song? What is it?
"Sweet Caroline."

What are three websites you like to visit every day?
TeeMagnet.com, Bonktown.com and chocolateandcreamcake.blogspot.com. (Ed. note: What a suck-up!)

Colt's bonus questions:

If you had to choose one of them, would you rather be BFFs with Abed or Troy? Why?
Abed. Because I'm more like Troy and would be a good compliment to Abed.

In what place or country would you most like to ride your bike?
I'd love to climb Luz-Saint-Sauveur, France and tour around the UK.

Thanks, Colt, for being my Geek of the Week guinea pig! (I love you!)

If you'd like to be a future GotW, please email me.

P.S.—I promise Colt was not paid to say such sweet things about me.

January 26, 2012

Nerd News: Capitol Couture, Tank Leia, Victorian superheroes and more

Vol. 3, Issue 4

In movie news:
A few photos and posters have been released:

The Hunger Games



Dark Shadows




And here's a trailer for the new Wes Anderson movie, Moonrise Kingdom.

I want this dress so badly!


I love this Tank Girl spoof. I've always considered Leia a true badass, so it's nice to see her like this.


I love these dogs, and I'm looking forward to seeing the actual commercial during the Super Bowl ... particularly since I care nothing for either of the teams involved. *grumble*49ers*grumble* (Thanks, Shaun!)

In TV news:
This is an adorable likeness of Ghost.


I am so proud of the person running the Statue of Liberty Twitter feed.

Excellent. (Thanks, Shaun.)

In gaming news (Thanks, C&CC Gaming Consultant Wes!):
You could probably DIY these pretty easily, but then you'd have to do actual work.


These altered Victorian portraits are kinda spooky, but that makes me like them all the more?


Vaguely inappropriate? Sure. But also great. I'd like to think Dr. King would enjoy it too. (Thanks, Wes.)

This tour of Toronto through the pages of Scott Pilgrim make me want to visit there! (Thanks, Shaun.)

And finally, this gave me a serious case of the giggles.


January 25, 2012

Introducing: A life more Pinteresting

Welcome to the second new blog feature of 2012: A life more Pinteresting!

In August of 2010, I posted about a new obsession with Pinterest, the online catalog of amazingness. Since then, I've pinned more projects than I could probably finish had I two lifetimes to do them in, and yet, I keep going back.

I occasionally find things that I then try immediately, or that are so cool I feel like sharing them with everyone I know, not just the people that follow my pinboards. That's where this feature comes in. I will be sharing these "things so neat, they can't be beat" (sorry) with you!

First up: A Valentine's Day wreath!

Last year, I started a Valentine's wreath by wrapping a heart-shaped straw wreath with white yarn. I feel like I had bigger plans that that when I started the project, but that's as far as it got. When I ran across this photo on Pinterest, I knew how I wanted to finish it.


Pretty easy, really. Wrap a wreath in your chosen color of yarn, cut hearts out of two coordinating colors of felt, mash them on to your yarn-wrapped wreath so that they "stick," and then wrap a strand of yarn around the hearts to mimic an argyle pattern.

(In the future, I will try to take photos of my in-progress projects, rather than just the after. In addition to taking better photos, taking more is another goal of mine.)

Here's my finished project hanging on our door:

I added a filter to it because it's been super dreary here and there's very little natural light coming into the hallway so the photo was really dark. But I think you get the general idea of color.

I hope you'll enjoy this new feature as much as I'll enjoy finding things to share!

P.S.-I know I have a lot of "features" on C&CC. In your opinion, do I have too many? Or do you enjoy the variety?

January 24, 2012

obsessed.: Music mashups

I've long been a fan of cover songs, particularly ones that change up the original to make something interesting and new, which is why I'm also particularly fond of mashups. Recently, Colt's been finding some great new (to me) ones and I've been reminded of my love of this style of song.

The first mashup I can remember paying attention to is Party Ben's "Boulevard of Broken Songs."

(Check out Party Ben's website for many, many more.)

Colt introduced me to White Panda and Milkman this past week.

Last week's Glee featured a really great one, too. (You all know how I feel about "Moves Like Jagger." And Artie.)

Lastly, DJ Earworm has, for the past three years at least, made a mashup of some the top songs of the year. Here's the 2011 version (the video for this one is really amazing, too):

I know a lot of people really don't like covers, but I hope you've enjoyed these!

January 23, 2012

Monscellany—GotW update and Ex Libris Murtis

Goodness gracious, friends! Thank you for such a great response to my Geek of the Week introduction post on Friday. I can't wait to start featuring all of you here.

I am putting the finishing touches on the questionnaire and will send it out later today or tomorrow. I look forward to reading your answers!

Also, for those of you who were uncertain if you were "geeky enough" to take part, I say: Don't be silly! There's no minimum level of nerd you need to have achieved to participate. If you're into something—be it LARPing or photography or reading or staring into space—you're a geek for it. And I want to honor you for it by featuring you in a GotW post!

If you haven't already, please email me (or leave a comment on the GotW post on Friday) with your email address and I will send you the questionnaire asap.


While I know I've promised you photos of the new apartment "soon" more than once now, I can definitely say that things are nearing completion. We got all of our books set up in the office/library/guest room and to celebrate, I designed us a book plate.

(Sorry for the crappy photo. I really must learn to take better pictures.)

It's based off of the actual Curtis crest, with a pen and a pencil in the top left corner, a bike in the top right, a pair of nerd glasses in the bottom left and an Apple apple in the bottom right. It incorporates both our jobs and our main hobbies.

Since we/I loan books out on a pretty regular basis, a while ago I bought a bunch of old-school looking library cards and pockets (like so), which I use to "check books out" to friends and family. These bookplates will go on the outside of each pocket, in order to help library patrons people remember where to return them to once they're finished reading.

I can't wait to stick them on

Have a great Monday!

January 20, 2012

Introducing: Geek of the Week

Welcome to the first of two (for now ...) new C&CC features!

For a while I've been thinking about how best to introduce/feature other people on this blog. Something like guest posts or sponsorships or ... I struggled to find something that felt right for the place C&CC is at right now—still small, but with a loyal following. (I heart you for realsies, loyal followers!)

While pondering the options, I was reminded of last April when I took part in a Silly Question series on Wattlebird. I like how the questions Annie asks are random, but they allow for a lot of the answerer's personality to shine through. (Yes, I know that's not a word.) I then started thinking about how I know a lot of awesome people, many of them nerdy ... and then I started playing with variations on "nerd" ... and then I started messing with rhymes ... and et voila! Geek of the Week was born.

This feature will be an ongoing series of profiles on the geeks in my life. I'll be asking said geeks a few questions to really get at the heart of why they consider themselves geeks along with a couple of off-the-wall ones to make reading the answers more fun. I will then post these answers along with any photos and/or links to other sites the featured GotW would like to share.

Here's the part where I ask for help. Are you a geek? Do you want to share your love with the entire Internet thousands hundreds of people that read this blog? You don't have to been geeky for science fiction or pop culture; you could be a geek for photography, or fashion, or food, or something I've never heard of. You don't even have to have a blog/website/online presence that you want to share. I just want to celebrate what makes you you, and on a larger scale, celebrate the crazy awesome variety of geeks that inhabit our world.

Please leave a comment (with your email address) or email me (if you prefer to keep your email address anonymous) if you're interested in participating. I will reply (via email, in a timely manner) with my questionnaire and a very relaxed deadline by which I'd like the answers returned. (The questionnaire won't take you long ... unless you like being wordy.)

I'm excited to get to know you better and have you be a part of my nerdy world.

January 19, 2012

Nerd News: Han vs. Mal, Legend of Korra, Skyrim 2012 and more

Vol. 3, Issue 3

I want this to happen SO BAD. On TV. In a movie. In slash fiction. I'm not picky.


In TV news:
If I was an angsty superhero, I'd totally dig having an Ood as a butler. (And the Face of Boe and MODOK drawing just makes me smile.)


I really, really love this Doctor Who/Back to the Future mashup. Think cosplaying Rose as Marty would be too obscure?


These Community mashups are pretty excellent as well. (Thanks, Mark!)




Since there's no A-Team sequel in the works, I will have to appease myself with art like this.


More great minimalist Game of Thrones house art.


In movie news:
These are some seriously nerdy jokes. (Thanks, Colt!)

This Droid Feelings series is awesome.


I like this version of the iconic Star Wars poster, but Han as a housecat? Really? Let's switch the tiger head with the housecat and we're golden.


Ideas for Mollie for next Halloween:


Our Lord of the Death Star?


I can't resist adorable stuffed versions of nerdy characters.


Neither can I resist a well-done movie trailer mashup.


Similarly, it's so fun to see the spirit of Calvin and Hobbes kept alive through mashups.


I like this TRON poster set. There's something very reminiscent of Dune about them. And yes, I liked TRON: Legacy.


Embarassingly, I can only recognize about half of these. What about you?


Oh, Skyrim. You are awesome, but you are also awesomely easy to mock.


In other gaming news, Bethesda has won the rights to a Fallout MMO.

This blog is filled with amazing amounts of Nintendo papercraft. (Thanks, Wes.)

This is awesome: Real Rorschach mask with ink that changes shape.

And finally, what I hope comes after The Ponds leave Doctor Who.