December 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Mayim Bialik! (And me, too.)

*Disclaimer: This post really isn't as emo as it seems at first glance. I promise. Please read until the end.

Birthdays, you guys. Amirite?

I used to love my birthday. I used to get super excited—to the extent of sporting an alphabet-bead necklace counting down the days—about it. I still get excited, but ever since I rounded that corner on 25, the excitement has been muted and the dread has seeped in a little.

I know I'm being silly. There are so many awesome things to look forward to in the future, many of which I can only do because I'm an adult and getting older. (Children with the man I love, trips to far-flung places, buying toys "because I can," etc.) But there's that annoying little voice inside that whispers "But you're getting older ..." each year as Dec. 12 rolls around. I want to punch that little voice in the face.

It certainly sounds like I'm complaining (#firstworldproblems), but really, what I'm getting at is that today I've made a conscious decision to try my hardest not to listen to that voice, and really enjoy each birthday as a start to a new year that could very well be filled with 365 days of awesome.

This past weekend was filled with friends and family and was a great way to start to that re-affirmed outlook on birthdays. I love celebrating with people, regardless of the occasion. Colt even made and decorated me a cake—the first one he's made ever.

Also, I just ate a Mama Murray-made birthday cupcake. For breakfast. Because I can.

Life just keeps getting better.

On a side note: Have any of you done/started a "30 before 30" list (or something similar)? I think I'm going to set one in motion for myself. I've got two years! Think of all the possibilities.


  1. Awwww, happy birthday, miss!!! YAY!!! I don't have a 30 by 30, I do however have a 22 before 23 list going. ^_^

  2. well happy bday!!! today is my bday 2!!! no matter how old i get i will always be SUPER excited about my bday. it is the only day of the year where the world can revolve around me!! LoL

  3. Aw, happy birthday Mandy! Sweet Doctor Who cake on a tardis blue tray!!

    I suppose I can attempt a thirty by thirty, but I've only got 8 months to finish it. Yikes. Anyway, enjoy your special day! Hope it's a happy one. <3

  4. Hmm, I also have two years... I hadn't really thought about a '30 before 30' list. Perhaps I'll have to look into this! ;)

  5. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And kudos to Colt on that cake!

  6. Happy belated Birthday! That's a great cake! Re: lists, I should be on my 40 before 40 already. Eek!

    P.S.: The card for Jesus' birthday is on its way, by the way! x

  7. Thank you all for your sweet words! I've got the best blog friends ever. :D