December 05, 2011


I recently had the awesome opportunity to write for a new online magazine aimed at women who enjoy technology (and nerdy things). Brainchild of Diana, from (who you all know I totally look up to as a blogger and as a person in general), gadchick is:

... a place for gadgets geared towards making a woman’s life easier, and for women who love gadgets and technology. Yes, “Women.” Because if you want more than sites with lots of pink and Hello Kitty, then chances are you are not afraid to be called a woman. (via)
If you're interested in that sort of thing (and I'm guessing many of you readers are), definitely check out Issue 1: Going Mobile.

After you're done with that, head over to the magazine's blog counterpart, You'll eventually be seeing my name around those parts too!


  1. Congrats! I read your article on the first day it was published and I was happy to see that I already had a few apps you mentioned on my ipad :)

  2. this is fantastic. congrats on being a part of it! glad you included us poor android users as well :)

  3. Oh that's wicked, Mands! I'll def check that out.

  4. Brandi-Yay! I'm glad.

    Rebecca-Gotta play both sides, to be fair. ;)

    H-I hope you like it!

  5. will have to check out gadchick. ;) sounds interesting. i love technology. ♥

  6. Awesome! So happy you're a part of gadchick!!