November 21, 2011

A winning haiku

Recently, a friend and coworker of mine alerted me via Twitter that Veer—a stock photography, font, etc. site—was holding a font haiku contest. I've long had a love of the Phaeton typeface (it's the one I chose to use on my right wrist tattoo) and so I put on my thinking cap and wrote a little ditty in Phaeton's honor.

On Friday I found out that my haiku was chosen as a winner for the week of Nov. 14–18! I didn't really win anything but recognition of my contribution, but that's enough.

My haiku—all fancified thanks to the Veer folks:

The contest is running through Dec. 20. So if you're a words and fonts fan like myself, definitely give it a go! (And let me know when you do.)


  1. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

  2. Congratulations! ♥ I love fonts! ;) Will try to use Phaeton later... ;)

  3. Very pretty and clever! Congratulations!