November 30, 2011


It's the little things in life, friends.

I couldn't resist buying these band-aids after seeing their alternate name.

Oh, Target. How I love thee!


Happy December, a day early.

It's time to start working on the 2012 edition of the Man Calendar. Any suggestions for gents to include? Or themes? 2011's was a loosely interpreted one (menswear).


Expect to see a post on Friday about the 2011 Curtis holiday cards—and a place to sign up if you'd like me to send you one! I just have to make sure the cards came out as expected, and I hope to pick the package up this afternoon.

Until tomorrow ...


  1. dapper straps thaaat's fantastic

  2. Why are there no cartoon characters on those band-aids?

  3. lolz Dapper Straps. I loves me some Target.

  4. DeAnna-The Target brand items all have silly things like this on them, and now I'm going to pay more attention to what they say!

    DT-No fear, most of our other band-aids do have cartoon characters on them. Or skulls.

    Emilia-Seriously. ;)

  5. i love the little nods on up and up packages. glad someone else has noticed this goofiness.

    i say go with men that are in photos with animals- like their own pets.

  6. Rebecca-That is an excellent idea! Thank you. :)