November 01, 2011

obsessed.: Red cups

While I'm all for division of the end-of-the-year holidays and giving each one—Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas—the time they're due, I'll admit I celebrate the "winter" season a little early each year with the introduction of the Starbucks Red Cups.

I haven't had my first of the year yet—I had read they weren't being released until Thursday, but have seen pictures online today of the 2011 versions—but you can bet I will be picking one up soon!

P.S.—Happy November!


  1. I always feel slightly silly when I walk by a Starbucks and get all happy to see that the winter flavours are back. Glad there are others out there who feel that way!

  2. Yay for the red cups! I've been collecting the Starbucks Christmas ornaments for the past 4 years!!

  3. Annika-You are most definitely not alone. :)

    Elisse-Cute! I've got a collection of Starbucks' red and white mugs.