November 29, 2011

obsessed.: Colored jeans

Now, I'm a skinny jeans kind of girl. I know that not everyone is, but I prefer the fit to pretty much any other style. Do they look the best on me? Possibly not, but I feel good in them.

I also love to wear bright colors. I know, yet again, that not everyone does. My two likes have come together recently in the trend of colored jeans, with which I am—as you can probably guess—a little obsessed.

I've purchased a couple pairs to date from Old Navy—the Rockstar legging jeans (I refuse to call them jeggings. I hate that term.) in red and blue. (The red ones on the site now are more cranberry than the ones I have.)

I'd love to find pairs of dark green and chocolate brown ones somewhere, and these yellow ones are superb.


What do you think about this trend? Totally wacky? Played out? Still too-cool-for-school?


  1. I LOVE colored jeans, always have and always will. It is an easy and comfortable way to spice up an outfit.

  2. I own a pair of very similar jeans. I wore them once. As part of a costume.

    I wish I knew where that tie was.

  3. I'm actually kind of envious as I am too afraid to wear both skinny & bright colored jeans. I'm still stuck in the grunge era of ill fitted jeans with holes n'stuff. Perhaps I shall venture into this colorful world of fitted jeans! They look so pretty. ^.^

  4. Brandi-You're so right!

    Wes-That is most excellent. I think you should wear them more often. ;)

    Emelia-You should try them! One of the best things about fitted jeans is the spandex most of them are made with. They're so easy to wear.

    H-Right? I can't find them on the J. Crew site, which makes me sad.

  5. I love colored jeans! I have a pair of cobalt blue ones ... but I haven't worn them yet - what's up with that!

    I've been looking for a pair of red jeans, but I haven't found the right shade of red :( yet ;)

  6. Yay, Elisse! And definitely give them a go soon, they're such a mood booster.