November 22, 2011

obsessed.: Coke Freestyle

A girl's got the right to options, don't you think? And when it comes to soda, everyone likes something different. So when I first ran across these new(ish) Coke Freestyle machines on a trip to Dallas a couple of years ago, I was immediately obsessed.

You can get more than 100 different types of soda from one of these machines, and I doubt that's counting the myriad of combinations you can make, too. Vanilla Diet Coke. Grape Strawberry Sprite. Cherry Diet Dr Pepper. You can even get flavored waters (carbonated or not) and ginger ale. These machines are epic, friends. Brings a whole new dimension to mixing up a suicide.

In my local area, I've seen them at Jack in the Box, but the first one I ran into was at a Which Wich. Have you tried one of these out?


  1. Yum! Those look amazing. I love getting flavored soda like that.

  2. They also have one at Elevation Burger.

  3. We have two locally that I know of. One at the California Tortilla and one at BGR. My favorite is the Grape Hi-C.

  4. Jen-They're amazing! "Technology" never ceases to amuse. ;)

    Wes-Good to know, thanks!

    DT-Mmm. I shall have to try that next time I'm around one. I wish the stores they're in provided tester cups, haha!

    Samar-Nice! That means there are two right around the corner. :)

  5. I've never ever seen ginger ale in these machines.

    1. Might be a regional thing? They have Seagrams in some of the machines I've used. :)