November 02, 2011

lusting after ...

Oh Internet, you continue to delight. What's caused my pulse to race lately?

This coat.

(Still loving the buffalo check.)

This bag.

(Like I said ...)

These boots.

(Lovely color.)

And these.

(I like the feminine + rugged feel.)

And these.

(These are just plain rugged. With skinny jeans? Pure sass.)

This necklace.

(It would be so fun to pair this with my little astronaut necklace.)

This coat and this cape.

(The obscenely bright colors speak to me.)

This pullover.

(Neon yellow is definitely one of my new favorite colors.)

These TOMS.

(How cute is the little pop of yellow? Too bad it would probably get dirty so quickly.)

And these.

(Houndstooth is a close second favorite pattern to buffalo plaid.)

This magnetic nail polish.


This Beaker tee.

(I kind of hate the weird fit, but my love of Beaker surpasses my distaste.)

These boots.

(I do love me some steampunk.)

This poncho.

(It looks soft.)

These booties (?).

(I'd need to try them on for sure, because that toe's a little wacky, but I like the color combo a ton.)

This tee.

(I'll never turn down any nicely designed Wonder Woman items.)

Have you found anything particularly special lately?


  1. Sigh - love the lust list. Because you can never have enough boots. Nope - never enough!

  2. this piece of art work

    i'm currently designing a new painting for our den (now that we've rearranged our furniture there is a giant blank spot) and i'm using this separate but together piece as an inspiration. can't wait to get started.

  3. Elisse-Truth!

    Rebecca-That's great!