November 04, 2011

Hallowversary 2011

Colt and I have been wanting to throw a costume party for ages and we finally just went ahead and did it this year, even though we'd only been in the new place for two weeks. I'll admit, I was quite stressed out—two weeks is not quite enough time to get a new place in order, even with taking days off of work and a lot of late nights.

The party—which was a combination Halloween, anniversary and housewarming—went super well, however, with the gracious help of Cheyloe and Bryan (siblings-in-law), who were visiting from Oregon with our niece, Eden. I heard nothing but nice comments about the new apartment. That either means that it looked OK ... or our friends know better than to say anything rude.

Here are some photos from the party—of decor, food and people. You'll see little glimpses of the new Murtis, but I promise to post more soon, sans Halloween decor.

Cheyloe made most of the food. It was a pretty epic spread.

We bought most of the decor at Target and JoAnn's.

I like skulls—and sparkles—a lot.


Guests included:

Ramona and Scott

Kate Middleton, Deb and Dexter

Queen Elizabeth, The Doctor and Donna Noble

Dany and Jorah, Cloud Strife and Lightning

A punked out Mollie

A pair of Juggalos, Max

And—by far the most elaborate costume of the night—a Wampa and a sassy Ewok.

(Some other friends came by without costumes, but I missed taking their photos.)

I hope you had a fun Halloween, and I hope you have an even better weekend, friends!

(Thanks to Cheyloe for most of the photos above, and thanks to Samar for the photo of Jorah and Dany above and the photo I used for the "card" I posted on Monday.)


  1. o man - next year im TOTALLY being a sassy ewok!!!

  2. You should crop my nasty Toms ... -Kate

  3. Rachel-Do it! :D

    Kate-Cropped! <3