November 18, 2011

Haiku Revieu: Breaking Dawn, Part 1

(The last Haiku Revieu before this was posted way back in  August! I can't believe I haven't seen a movie in nearly three months!)

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1 (*** 3/4)

Cullens are lovely
Aro makes a grammar joke
Bella is gross gaunt

Disclaimer: Yes, I know Twilight is not for everyone. But I have been a fan for quite a while now, and although my initial (ridiculous) obsession  has waned, I will continue to be a fan. Is it "quality literature"? No. Are the movies faithful adaptations of the books? No. (But when are they ever, really?) Is it an enjoyable series that has brought me great friends and a whole lot of entertainment? Yes. So if you're only here to hate, please don't. (Jill of The Nerdy Bird had an interesting Twitter discussion on this topic earlier today. Check out her feed for more, if you're so inclined.)

POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD: As the penultimate Twilight saga movie, Breaking Dawn does not disappoint. The movies continue to improve as the series goes along and in BD we get a good mix of amusement and action. The silliest parts of the novel are made fun of in a "well-played, sir" manner (i.e. imprinting and Renesmee) and we actually get a whole lot more emotion from the cast. There are actual smiles, people—and from Kristen Stewart no less—and the background characters, thankfully, aren't completely flat.

There's also a whole lot of quite decent CG, for more tech-oriented people. How Bella looks throughout the pregnancy and her "rebirth" are both done really well, and to a disturbing level.

I wasn't as "prepared" for this film as I was for the others. Perhaps it's due to my red-alert level obsession calming to a more low-key fondness, but it actually sort of snuck up on me. Having said that, I'm really looking forward to Part 2 in July November (?!) 2012.


  1. i'm always glad to see that i'm not the only "rational adult" who loves a good YA series. i love the books. still sorta sad about the movies, they hurt my heart. i'm glad this one was enjoyable. i'm hearing lots of good things.

    on a tackier note: i'm trying to picture kstew smiling... all i see is her giant teeth.

  2. Smiles? Like real facial expressions? Amazing. Is there (dare I ask?) enunciation?

  3. Rebecca-Haha, yeah. But there's Rpattz smiling too, which, I have to admit, is nice. ;)

    Jen-A little? It's definitely a step in the right direction. ;)

  4. Excellent review! Movie started off slow and sloppy but got going and the end was awesome. Best bit? defintely Aro's grammar joke - my favourite line from a movie ever!(it's half way through the credits folks, don't run off too early) Worst bit? vampire make-up - why can they just not get that right? - it just looks like white face paint! Especially when they've done such a good job with skeleton Bella

  5. Agreed, kitcatsmum! Great points, all.