November 11, 2011

Friscellany (a holiday card trade?)

I'm thinking of doing a holiday card trade a little closer to Christmas (a.k.a. once I have my cards made). Would any of you like to take part? Basically, this would involve you sending me your address and me sending you a card. (Easy peasy—and I promise not to stalk you.) If you're so inclined, you could send one back. If you're interested, please comment. I'll make a separate post for the actual trade later.

I was inspired to to this by Diana of, who sent Christmas cards to blog readers last year.

This is the card I made for 2010:

And I'm working on an even cuter one for 2011! Here's a sneak peek I posted on Instagram yesterday:

(If you're on Instagram, you can find me @ mandustries.)


I'm still planning on doing another giveaway soon. I'm five GFC followers from 100 (even though I know there are more of you reading this via other avenues ...) and when we get there, I'll set something up!


Here's a little bit of inspiration for the future:



And last-but-certainly-not-least: Happy Veterans Day! While I have never served in the military, and I don't always agree with the things our government uses the armed forces for, I truly appreciate the sacrifices of the men and women who do choose to serve. So thank you.


  1. i'm totally in too. i've already picked out a nerdalicious pick of the kiddos for our card.. unless the photo shoot with the family turns out something better.. not likely. :)

  2. Yay! I'm glad you are all interested. I will set up a separate post (with address form) soon! :D

    P.S.-Welcome, her! I am excited to see a new face around these parts.