October 03, 2011

What do you call a contraption with two wheels and a frame?

Hello friends! I hope your Monday is treating/treats you well.

A couple of weekends ago, I ventured up to Dallas to pick up a new bike. I had a lovely lunch with Megan of file me away, and then drove home. Due to packing and Colt being out of town and general busyness, my poor bike sat around for two weeks, languishing.

Finally, yesterday afternoon, Colt and I took a ride around the neighborhood across from our apartment complex. (He's been trying to get me to find a bike I like for months. I'm very picky.) We happened across a nice little hike/bike trail through the woods and ventured to some parts we'd never been before. It was really lovely. While we were riding, however, I realized that my pretty bike needed a name. Why? Because I name pretty much everything.

I don't know what to name her, however. She's a hybrid, which means she's a little more sporty than your typical cruiser, but she's not as sleek as a road bike or as rugged as a mountain bike. She's more spunky than sassy, I think. (Yes, I'm a little weird. I know this.)

Here she is, minus bottle cage (and the basket and fenders I'd eventually—maybe?—like to put on her).

Here are some names I've come up with:
  • Lucy
  • Kaylee (thanks to Jen, from A Tale of 2 Monkeys)
  • Zoe
  • Bennett
  • Lara
  • Ellison
  • Grey
  • Rhett
  • Charlie
Do any of these fit more than the others? Some of the above names are names I've considered naming future children. Would that be too strange, to name a child "after" a bike? Are there any names you can offer that would fit her better? Let me know your thoughts!

Also, happy October!


  1. That bike is pretty sweet! My vote goes to Lucy. :)

  2. i like Charlie too. You say she's spunky, not quite road, not quite mountain - i think thats a charlie.

  3. OMG Andrew Lee Potts! Mmmm. :)
    Loved him in Alice. <3

  4. P.S. Ooops- I'm signed in on my friend's Google account because I'm in the middle of designing her blog.
    C'est moi, Tish. ;)

  5. I like Ellison and another vote for Charlie!

  6. Well, speaking as someone who has absolutely no bias whatsoever, I kinda like Zoe. ;)

    I do like Charlie though... but if it's Charlie, would it then be a boy bike? Because I think it should be a girl. Girls can be named Charlie too. :)

  7. Thank you guys for the thoughts! And Zoë, she's most definitely a lady. :)