October 26, 2011

Renter's Delight: Blank canvas (A sneak peek of the new place!)

Colt and myself, along with family and friends, have been working hard to get the New Murtis (or Murtis 2.0), as we call our abode, into tip-top shape. I'll admit, planning a party for two weeks after move-in, and having family I'd like to impress stay with us for said party, is causing a bit of stress on my end. We've got walls painted, although they need touching up, furniture built and placed, but not yet filled, some art on the walls, but not enough for my tastes ...

Regardless, we really love it. The extra 300ish square feet really make a difference.

Here are a few sneak peek photos of the new place—totally blank and ready for personalization!


  1. Oh my goodness, gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!! I love how blank and ready your new place is, yet I also love that somehow despite not having much, it's incredibly inviting and warm feeling!!!

  2. Lovely new place! Moving is so exciting :)

  3. AAHHH exciting!!!!
    Congrats! Have fun :)

  4. Thanks guys! Can't wait to show you what we've done to it! :D