October 04, 2011

obsessed.: Cows

I don't really know why I love cows so much, but it never fails—drive me by a field full of bovines and I turn to mush. I think it's in part because, for all their slow movement and "beefy" nature (pun intended), they actually look quite intelligent if you look them in the eye. And the fact that they're darn cute!


I particularly love the Scottish Highland breed with their shagginess and floppy bangs. (My mom introduced me to this breed after one of her trips to the country.)

(via, via)

I'd love to own one, someday. I also wish they made mini, dog-sized cows that could be house trained, but I fear that's just wishful thinking.


  1. Aw... They certainly are cute.
    That's why I don't eat them :)

  2. When I was a kid my parents had cows. Just a small herd. I hated them when I was little - just because I was scared of them and they were so big. Now I actually miss them!

  3. Dog sized cows wouldn't be nearly as tasty.

  4. Tish-Good point.

    Zoë-How cool! I'm sure I would have been nervous around them too, they can be quite huge.

    DT-Haha, yes. But these would be the "designer" version and not used for food. ;)