October 28, 2011

Never met a glitter I didn't like ... until now

I was talking with a friend the other day about how I love glitter. It's probably pretty obvious, but it's true. I really love it. I think a little sparkle goes a long way, and a lot goes even farther.

I was trying to add a little sparkle to some Halloween decor, however, and found—GASP—a glitter that I don't like. I might be being too quick to judge, but this glitter fought me from the get-go, and threw a tantrum until I decided to just quit while I was behind.

Meet the culprit: Krylon Glitter Blast

While the end result wasn't horrendous, it's not good. That might be user error, I will admit that. I never spray paint properly. But, the fact that I could not get the can to stop. spraying. was a serious hindrance in the actual application.

Here are the end results:

The front—Not too bad.

The back—I think I'll just hide that side toward the wall.

Have any of you ever used this product? Any tips on getting good coverage? Did I just get a bad can?


  1. I haven't used this one, in particular, but I did use a non-glitter spray for some airsoft gear and tis worked like a charm.

    I love the front side, though!!! Really gorgeous.

    I hope you'll get better use outta that can next time - maybe you did just get a bad can? :(

  2. I wouldn't be averse to trying again. :) It's an awesome idea.