September 23, 2011

Premiere Week 2011: Friday

Premiering tonight:

Supernatural 8–9 p.m. (The CW) (Sorry about the mistake last week.)

This will be my first season watching weekly; I devoured the previous six over the spring/summer and I'm so looking forward to see the Winchester boys back in action. They never fail to make me laugh. I can only trust that the people in charge know what they're doing with Cas, however—he was such a great character before he turned God.

CSI: NY 8–9 p.m. (CBS)

NY is my favorite of the CSIs. Not exactly sure why (other than I can't stand Horatio from Miami unless he's being made fun of in a meme), but I like the crew. The addition of Sela Ward last season did good things for the show, too.

Fringe 8–9 p.m. (FOX)

Gah, Fringe. You twist my heart and my stomach into knots. So many ways you could go this season, so many things I want to see happen. You're a wild and crazy ride and I love every second of you. Just, you know, bring Poliva back a.s.a.p. or I'm gonna get angry.

Look for a special weekend super-sized post tomorrow for the shows that are premiering later this fall!

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