September 12, 2011

Pre-premiere Week 2011

While most networks start their fall season next week, the CW has to be difficult and air season premieres this week, so you'll have to indulge me this early Premiere Week post.

In this (and next week's) posts, I'll include when the show airs (in the Central time zone), a brief synopsis (if the show's new) and a few personal thoughts on why I'm going to be watching. (If you'd like to review the premiere calendar I made up, check out this post.)

Tuesday, Sept. 13:

Ringer 8–9 p.m.

(Horatio Hornblower Ioan Gruffudd looks oddly like Jonas Quinn in this photo.)
Twin sisters Bridget and Siobhan (both played by Gellar) have been at odds for the last eight years and find that their lives are both unraveling at the same rate. Bridget, a recovering alcoholic, is on the run from the mob after witnessing a murder. She flees to her twin sister Siobhan's home. The sisters seem to be repairing their broken relationship until Siobhan mysteriously disappears overboard during a boat trip the sisters take together. Bridget soon discovers her sister's seemingly perfect life is full of secrets after she is attacked in Siobhan's home. (via)
There's been big talk about this new show, which marks Sarah Michelle Gellar's return to TV.  Which, like many people, is probably the only real reason I'm tuning in. The premise isn't typically something that would draw me in, but it could be compelling. We shall see.

Thursday, Sept. 15:

The Vampire Diaries 7–8 p.m.

I watch TVD for a variety of reasons, but this season I will watch to see if Stefan will ever change his facial expression, to pine for the inevitable Elena-Damon hook up, to hope the best for Caroline and Tyler (even though he was a total douche in the first season), to see if Alaric can find love again ... I can't help it. I love this stupid show.

The Secret Circle 8–9 p.m.

Set in the fictional town of Chance Harbor, Washington, the series will follow a California teenager who learns that she comes from a family of witches. Cassie, the main character, lost her mother in what she believes is an accident, leaving her an orphan. She quickly finds friends at her new school and finds out the secret of her family's history and the history of all the town's witches. But then she finds an old paper book which has another secret in it, her mother's death might not have been an accident. (via)
And now I know more about this show than I did before. Prior to checking out the Wikipedia page, I knew that it was a show about teenage witches, that it's based on a book series by L.J. Smith (who also wrote the TVD books) and it's helmed by Kevin Williamson and some ladies that worked on a lot of Joss Whedon shows. Those right there are reasons enough to check it out.

EDITED: Supernatural premieres next week. Dang it.

Will you be watching any of these shows this week?


  1. I will be watching Ringer and hoping it is good and not too unnecessarily dramatic.

  2. I'm hoping for some humor thrown in too! We can hope.

  3. I thought about watching The Ringer and then I couldn't come up with a good enough reason why.

    I outright vetoed Secret Circle and my wife has told me that refusal is making my inner catgirl cry. I was unaware of the inner catgirl so it hasn't done much.

    Supernatural is the hardest one. We missed a good portion of season 6 in part because of our jump from comcast to verizon. But also we had a huge pile up of episodes so we weren't watching anyway. I think we might put this one to bed.

  4. I'm thinking Ringer's not going to keep my attention for long, unfortunately. And I have to check out SC because I'm a sucker for angsty teenage drama.

    Supernatural didn't fare that well after Kripke left plot-wise, but I still find it utterly amusing. But, like you said, if you've got a backlog, you should probably just nix it from the list.

  5. Hmmmm... I'm not sure about Ringer. I loooved Buffy, so I kind of want to watch it, but the plot looks pretty horrible in my opinion... kind of cheesey. But who knows!

  6. I still haven't watched it. It's just sitting on my DVR. Maybe this weekend?