September 13, 2011

obsessed.: Salt water taffy

Colt and I found a little candy shop on the street when we were at Fisherman's Wharf on Sunday that had more than thirty different flavors of salt water taffy. Sugar+pretty colors+funky flavors=obsessed.

Being on vacation and having horrible sweet tooths (teeth?), we had to get two each of a variety of different flavors to try. Totally not on our diet, but what's vacation for if not to splurge a little?

Killer on the teeth, but delicious on the taste buds. I've still got a few left and I'm spreading the joy out as long as I can.


  1. Salt water taffy is the best! Every time I take a trip to the beach, I also manage to get a pound ;) Awesome blog by the way! Stumbled upon it today.


  2. Thanks for visiting, Samantha! I'll definitely return the favor. :)

  3. MMmmmmm. If it didn't make me feel like my teeth were being yanked out of my mouth, I'd eat it all of the time. My tongue gets sore from trying to get it out of my teeth ;) ha

  4. My tongue is still recovering, haha!