September 28, 2011

Lusting after ...

Sidenote: Today's the last day of voting for the 2012 Star Search contest! Please vote for Mrs. Mollie Weasley if you haven't already. Thank you!

It's been a while since my last Lusting After ... post, so you can bet I've found quite a few goodies to share. What lovelies am I sharing today?

Awesome-for-fall boots like these, these, these and these.

(I'm constantly on the search for the perfect fall boot.)

This gorgeous scarf.

(I'd love just a little Alexander McQueen in my wardrobe.)

These wedges, in both colors.

(I could wear one of each and feel very Harley Quinn.)

This tent.

(It's probably the closest I'll ever get to the real thing. *sadpanda*)

These rings.

(They'd go perfect with the winged flats I've posted about before!)

This bracelet-ring combo.

(Add a little Halloween to everyday.)

This clutch.

(So. Pretty.)

These T-shirts.

(Nerdy and for a great cause.)

This bag.

(Still can't get enough of the satchel craze.)

This iPad case.

(Always loving the neon!)

These TOMS.

(Metallic and tweed? Yes please!)

This cape.

(I think I like the green best, but the other colors are great, too!)

These spoons.

(Who doesn't need a little sparkle in their coffee?)

This ring.

(I like the playful combo of blue topaz—my birthstone—and skulls—one of my most favorite "shapes.")

This T-shirt.

(I think I'd wear it every Friday.)

These vacation spots: a Hobbit house and the Northern Lights ice igloos.

(I hate snow, but I'd brave it for a vacation in either of these spots.)

What good things have you run across lately?


  1. Omg, those boots are glorious. I'm on such a boot craze. Just bought a new pair that I love.

  2. My god, woman. You have FANTASTIC taste. I love all of this - especially that bracelet and ring combo, oh em gee. <3

  3. the gray boots on the bottom right make me want to play fable... is that weird?
    and i too have been coveting the stand up to cancer shirts. i really want the yoda one but tragically it only comes in "ladies" sizes. (meaning i probably couldn't get one breast in their let alone my whole torso).
    as far as vacay spots (while i hate being hot) i really want to go to this place:
    the sidi driss hotel in tunisia (aka the lars family home)

  4. H-I am constantly on the search for the perfect pair of caramel-colored ones, but will make due with others in the meanwhile. ;)

    Angie-Haha, thanks! :D

    Rebecca-I like fantasy-ish looking boots, so no, not weird at all. And a trip to the Lars family home would be amazing!