September 05, 2011

Going full-circle

Happy Labor Day (in the US), friends! I hope those of you who've had a day off have enjoyed it. I had to drop my mister off at the airport this afternoon for another work trip, so I'm sort of bummed. However ...

I mentioned in Friday's post that one of my goals for the month was to "have fun in San Jose/Fran." On Wednesday, I will be flying out to spend a long weekend in the central California area!

I'll be venturing out from a central location of Cupertino, which is funny, since that's where I was born and spent the first eight years of my life. Another funny coincidence--which is where I got the title of this post--Colt is on a work trip for Apple. When I was born, and when we lived in Cupertino, my mom worked for Apple. Weird, right?

My dad's heading up from Fallbrook to spend time with me/us, which I'm really looking forward to as well, since I haven't seen him since the wedding. (Our traditional trip to Comic Con didn't work out this year.)

Anyone know of any cool things to do in the area? I promise to try and remember my camera this time!


  1. Well since I live in SF I might be able to help you out :) Are you coming into the city and if so when and how long? In the meantime check out this local magazine, which gives you a break down of what is going on in the city this week, and also has a list of places to eat Email me at and I can provide more info.

  2. Your momma worked for Apple? Obviously gadgets and geekery are in the genes!

  3. Brandi-Of course you do! Silly me. I will email you. :)

    Diana-Funny, right? :)