September 16, 2011

30 Days of Lists II: Days ten through sixteen

(Side note: Supernatural isn't premiering tonight. It's next week. Sorry for the mixup.)

Day ten:

At this moment ...: I am packing for the flight home, I am sad to be leaving my love and my dad (and the nice weather!), I am feeling like I've eaten too much over this long weekend, [I am] hearing hotel noises and siren outside, [I am] uniquely aware of the wary feeling I have about flying on 9/11, I am a little chilly, I've had a fun day, but am ready for bed.

Day eleven:

Favorite things about this time of year: Cooler weather (I can hope!), layering clothes, wearing scarves and boots, fall TV premieres, changing colors of nature, rainy days, looking forward to/making plans for the holidays, making gifts, decorating for Halloween, apple cider, the need for slippers, sleeping with the windows open.

Day twelve:

Things that motivate me: Having set goals; working toward an end with others; my husband; wanting to feel better, be better, and yes, look better; treats like a new purse or a shopping trip; the future; wanting to enjoy this life as much as I can; deadlines; kudos; personal pride in a job well done.

Day thirteen:

Things I do to procrastinate: Watch TV, browse the Internet, play on Pinterest, catch up on the many (many) blogs I "read," read through my news scroll on Facebook, catch up on the latest Twitter posts, stare into space, read a book or a magazine, peruse my Tumblr dash, play games on my phone, do chores. (I will go to great lengths to procrastinate!)

Day fourteen:

My favorite outfits: Purple dress w/red card and yellow shoes (and yellow scarf when it gets cooler), any of my nerdy t-shirts and jeans or cropped cargo pants w/ flip flops or Chucks, white eyelet dress w/my red card and red shoes, my new white and grey striped dolman-sleeve top and skinnies, pajama pants and an old t-shirt.

Day fifteen:

Never have I ever ...: Been to Mexico, watched The Usual Suspects or any of the Godfather films, broken a bone, done illegal drugs (or smoked a cigarette), been pregnant (someday probably), driven a muscle car (but I want to so badly!), gone on a cruise, been to a professional sports game, gotten in a car accident, read Ulysses.

Day sixteen:

Dream jobs: Astronaut, editor for a fashion or home decor magazine, editor at a book publishing firm, stylist to the stars, librarian, coffee shop/bookstore owner, fashion/accessories designer, professional (a.k.a. paid-to-do-it) blogger, author, graphic or interior designer, The Doctor (it's totally a job!).

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I'm going to be spending some time with my mom, start packing up the apartment, and driving up to Dallas to pick up my new bike and have lunch with the lovely Megan of file me away. Woo for meeting blog friends in real life!

Have you got any exciting plans?

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