September 02, 2011

30 Days of Lists II: Days one and two

You know I love me some lists, so when it came time to sign up for the second round of 30 Days of Lists, you can bet I jumped on the chance.

I've got myself a brand new notebook and am going to try to make my photos a little more interesting this go 'round.  I hope you enjoy ... if not, you can just skip reading on Fridays for the next month or so. *wink*

My notebook:

I repurposed one of the many notebooks we have left over from our wedding. They are super cute, but I'm going to be using them until our 10th anniversary! I think we I might have overestimated just a bit.

Day one:

Goals for the month: Plan for the new apartment, START PACKING!, keep up w/exercise and diet, catch up w/Colt's anniversary project, figure out a Halloween costume for me and for Colt (which we did today, woo!), have fun in San Jose/Fran. (more on that later), put more $$$ into savings, pick up and ride new bike (more on that later as well), send invites, start creating Halloween decor, plan out some blog posts, read two books.

Day two:

I am happiest when ...: I'm with my mister, I'm snuggling with my pup, I'm surrounded by friends and family, I'm getting lost in a good book, I'm doing something particularly nerdy, I've slept in, I've taken a long shower, I'm wearing pajama pants and a slouchy shirt, I've got no allergies (which doesn't happen often in Austin, unfortunately), it's 72 degrees outside and there's a rainstorm in the forecast.

(I made Colt hold this one so that you could see his Prydon Academy shirt, killing two birds (love and nerviness) in one shot!)

Are any of you, dear friends, taking part in this project? Let me know!

Have a wonderful long weekend!


  1. I'm just curious as to why there's a fee for this time around.

  2. I love the size of your journal. Mine is a wee bit larger but it too is a great size for tucking in a purse and carrying with me wherever I go. Have fun with your list making this month!

  3. I love your list making!!! So cute!!! Also, yay for EVERYTHING on your happiest when list. ^_^

  4. I am, I am!!! I'm really having fun with the prompts so far. I love your mini-journal. Especially the glitter and the woody exclamation mark!

  5. H-Not sure ... Perhaps they put so much time into the project that they wanted to get a little compensation? Or they wanted to put the money toward giveaways?

    KathrynAntyr-Thanks! You too. :)

    Angie-Thank you. :D

    Annika-Yay! I will definitely be checking yours out.

    Jessi-Me too. Such fun projects.