September 30, 2011

30 Days of Lists II: Days seventeen through thirty

This project has once again been a blast. This time around, my notebook was the perfect size and I look forward to reading it over in a few years to see where I'm at.

Day seventeen:

Fictional characters with whom I have fallen in love: Max Evans, Seth Cohen, Dean Winchester, The Doctor, Hatter, Jasper Hale, Simon Bellamy, Han Solo, Beau Hutton, Lara Croft, Neville Longbottom, Finn Hudson, Jace Wayland, Peeta Mellark, Eric Northman, Mark Darcy, Peter Bishop, Joe (from Bend it Like Beckham), John Crighton, Jack Kelly, Scott Barringer (...).

Day eighteen:

A few of my favorite things: My husband, my dog, skinny vanilla lattes, reading a book on a rainy day, science fiction and fantasy, pop culture in general, going to midnight movie premieres, making lists, Doctor Who, Star Trek and Star Wars, nerdy T-shirts, fun nail polish, catching up/having fun with friends, spending time with family.

Day nineteen:

Inventions I wish were real: Replicators (the Star Trek kind), transporters, the TARDIS, universal translator, time machines/time turners, Stargates, wap drives/f.t.l. drives, Seaquest-type submarines, good (and cheap) 3D printers, Matrix-like (or Intersect) immediate knowledge devices, friendly robots.

Day twenty:

(Sorry for the crap photo.)

My dream space would include: Huge factory windows; comfy furniture; lots of modern-style seating; bright colors; cozy blankets; lots of bookshelves, filled to past capacity; photos of friends and families; funky art; nerdy accents; organized storage; succulents; greys, yellows and reds; a pretty TV/DVD/gaming/stereo setup; mood lighting.

Day twenty-one:

TV shows I wish would come back: Roswell, Firefly, Farscape, Stargate (SG:1 and Atlantis), Buffy, Angel, Dark Angel, any Star Trek, Pushing Dasies, The Middleman, Carnivale, The OC (but only the way it was in the first season), Alias, The Nine Lives of Chloe King, Human Target, Doug, The Dresden Files, John Doe. (ETA: I can't believe I forgot Veronica Mars!)

Day twenty-two:

Ways to avoid housework: Leave the house, go on a bike ride, go shopping, go to the movies, sit on the couch and watch the DVR ignoring what needs to be done, make someone else do it, become resigned to living in filth, get sucked into something on the Internet, make a big mess in the kitchen, have too many other things to do.

Day twenty-three:

If I won the lottery: Pay off all debt; buy houses in Austin, Portland and San Diego so that we can visit family and stay at our own houses; buy a house in Ireland, just because; buy new (or just better) cars; plan lots of fun vacations; open an Alamo Drafthouse franchise in PDX; invest/save; give some away to friends, family and charities; go on a killer shopping spree; buy a trip to space.

Day twenty-four:

Things I like to do when I am sick: Curl up on the couch under a cozy blanket, have a good book and/or a stack of magazines nearby to read, watch TV or my favorite movies, have my dog cuddled up next to me, drink hot cups of broth or eat some of my mom's potato soup, have my hubby be extra sweet, drink OJ and 7-Up.

Day twenty-five:

Today's to-do list: Sleep in, do laundry, go for a bike ride (if we're feeling up to it), shower, go out to eat to celebrate eleven months, watch more TV to catch up on what we've missed (Doctor Who, Fringe, Supernatural, Eureka), help Colt pack, go to sleep early so we can wake up at 4 a.m.—Yuck!

Day twenty-six:

Things to do before my next birthday: Celebrate being married for a year, hold the first-annual Hallowversary party, get another tattoo, love the final 15 pounds, find the perfect pair of camel-colored—I actually meant caramel—boots, decorate (and document) the new Murtis.

Day twenty-seven:

My overused words: Seriously; indeed; like (I've definitely cut it out of my vocabulary, for the most part); definitely; sorry (I need to learn to use it only when necessary, not as a catch-all); y'all (or so my mister, who hates the phrase, says); thank you, please and you're welcome (kidding!).

Day twenty-eight:

If I ruled the world: Politics would change—for the better, all debts would be forgotten—everyone would have a chance to start anew, the world's space program would get much larger budgets and more good press, I'd live in an awesome house, I'd have a lifetime supply of first-run movies and books (which doesn't exactly make sense, I know), I'd probably be miserable w/my job.

Day twenty-nine:

Things that were awesome about this month: The weather cooled down—for a day at least, I got to travel to California and see my dad (and hubs), my dog won a spot in a local humane society calendar, 30 lists!, new TV, started packing for a move into a larger place, saw a friend's "big screen debut," got my new bike, planned out wicked awesome costumes, got a promotion.

Day thirty:

I'm proud of myself for: Getting healthy and losing 20+ lbs this year, taking chances with work, knowing when to cut things, even if they're good things, being happier with myself/being more content and confident, relying more on the help of others, getting a promotion, ignoring the drama and enjoying life, being a loving wife, daughter and friend.

Have a great weekend, friends! I'm super excited because The Mister is finally coming home for good after being away for six out of the past eight weeks on work trips.

September 29, 2011

Nerd News: Cool dads, Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem posters, Supernatural slash art and more

Vol. 2, Issue 38

A quick (and huge!) thanks to everyone who voted for Mollie in the Austin Humane Society calendar contest—she's officially in!

Now, prepare yourself for the double dose of Nerd News this week!

In movie news:
A couple of trailers:

The Pig with the Froggy Tattoo (The Muppets)




These behind-the-scenes Star Wars photos are awesome. Particularly:


This site—Star Wars Remix—is a great place to find Star Wars crafts and truly inspired design.

This amazing dad draws scenes on his kids' lunch bags. (Thanks, Shaun!)


In other amazing dad news, this one took his daughter on a walk through the Redwoods, "where the Ewoks live."


Colt and I are already planning on being this nerdy when we have kids, you can count on it.

Speaking of kids and Star Wars ... Cute, right?


And this steampunk R2D2 is brilliant.


In TV news:

These Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem posters would look awesome in a band/music room.


I like when type is used to make images, like so:


And these illustrations are superbly gritty and fun.


I'm a big fan of superhero costume redesigns (a-la Project Rooftop) and these X-Men (plus Spidey) are no exception.



Excellent posters.


What great spins on Ramona, Scott and Kim!


Fist bumps are pretty classic bro behavior, and these are some pretty classic bros.


I like the spin on some of our favorite LoTR characters.




And also, a bit sad.


I need to go to Florida so bad now. HarryPotterLand and AvatarLand? Yes, please.

I like the connections the author draws in this "literary characters who should be BFFs" slideshow.

And finally, here's your moment of Zen. (Thanks, Shaun.)