August 31, 2011


I was going to wait to post this until tomorrow's Nerd News, but really, it needs more room to spread out and breathe. (Thank you, Wes, for sharing this with me.) 

(This is my favorite page by far.)



If you haven't already (and are interested in taking part), there's still time to sign up for the second round of the 30 Days of Lists project. (FYI: It's $6 this time.) I've got my notebook ready and I'll be posting my pages on Fridays once again.


And, because tomorrow is the first ... Happy September!


  1. I have no idea what that's about (looks like Star Trek?) but it's fucking awesome. :)

  2. I like the one about the healthy dinner choices. I need me a replicator.

  3. the holodeck one is hilarious, and perhaps this should make me want to watch trek or check in on wils google+ page (he always has the best stuff!) but it makes me want to watch stand by me...
    thank you for sharing this, its awesome

  4. Tish-Yes, Star Trek. Specifically The Next Generation. :)

    Jen-ME TOO. And a transporter. And a space ship.

    Rebecca-Haha, anything with baby Wil in it is appropriate, I feel. ;)