August 24, 2011

Soon ...

Just a quick post to say hello and welcome to my new GFC followers ... and send love to all the rest of you as well.

Since I'm nearing 100 GFC followers (although I know I have more readers than that total, thanks to the miracles of modern technology), I've started to think about holding another giveway. When will this happen, you ask with glee?

Funny story: I have a reoccuring dream in which I'm walking around the streets of a city, looking for a certain apartment. I look up at one point while I'm passing a building—not the one I'm looking for—and I can see a horse in the windows of the top floor.

But I digress. I'm still pondering what to give away in said giveaway. Is there anything in particular you'd like to see? (For 50 GFC followers, I gave away a Threadless t-shirt.) Another t-shirt? Something handmade? A lock of my hair?*

Hope you're having—and continue to have—a most excellent Wednesday.

*Not an actual option, you creepsters.


  1. what a cool dream! do you ever get to the apartment you are looking for? anyway, threadless is amazing, but lock of hair is a close 2nd : ) xo

  2. Perhaps a small white dog... :)

  3. A lock of your hair would be very Victorian, but I think I'd still prefer a shirt or something crafty...

    Is that Pipi Longstocking's apartment block?

  4. I agree with Shaun a small white dog would be fun!

  5. Yay!! Congrats on the followers. And my vote is for something crafty. ;)

  6. ok.... what is a GFC ?

  7. Andrea-I'm glad we had that convo on Twitter, haha! :)

    Shaun-Colt would go right along with that. In fact, see Anonymous' comment. :P

    Annika-I could put it in a locket! And I am SO happy that you pulled a Pippi Longstocking reference. I love that movie and those books ever so much.


    Rachel-A Google Friend Connect follower. It's a Blogger tool. (See underneath my blog links in the sidebar.)