August 22, 2011

Renter's Delight: Rugs

One of the things I wish most for when it comes to apartments—other than being allowed to paint—is that they'd more often come with hard (wood preferably, or something that looks like wood) floors, rather than the generic, ever-present beige carpet. Which, as anyone with beige carpeting can attest to, Doesn't. Hide. Anything. Beige carpets are also, well, boring.

In our current apartment, we have two black shag-ish rugs in different areas of our space. I know it seems kind of silly, having area rugs on top of carpet, but I like the blocks of color, and how the black breaks up the beige while hiding wear and tear. The cleaning of a solid black carpet when you own a white dog who sheds a lot becomes a bit time consuming, however, so in our new place, it might be nice to have something that hides a little better.

Here are a few rugs that I think would make for a nice change.

(1, 2, 3)

(4, 5)

(6, 7, 8)

(9, 10, 11)

I'm always drawn to overscaled prints of the damask variety, and chevrons are so hot right now ... These are all just ideas at the moment, mind you. Rugs can get really expensive. (Except for #2, which is doormat or sink mat-sized. And at only $18, that one might be a need.)

In related news, we have officially signed our new lease and will be moving in to our new place in the middle of October! I can't wait to start turning all of our ideas into reality.


  1. congrats on signing the lease!!

  2. Love this list! I'm contemplating where to purchase a chevron rug and I'm checking on a daily basis for a deal. Congrats on the lease!

  3. I love these rugs! You seriously need to come decorate my house. Also, I'm super excited to see your new place! <3

  4. Rebecca-Thanks! :D

    Megan-Let me know if you run across an awesome deal. :)

    Chey-I'd love to! <3

  5. LOVE them all!! Especially the gray and white chevron rug. Swoon. :)

  6. I'm really leaning toward that one, Jen. ;) I definitely want to include something chevron in the new place.

  7. commenting for the first time (i think!) to say that i love these renter's delight posts! I'm currently contemplating a place of my own and apparently our tastes are super similar cause i love everything you show! I really want that please don't leave rug. so cute!

  8. Thanks for the comment, Jessica! And I'm so glad you're liking the posts. :D