August 23, 2011

obsessed.: Seaweed snacks

Since we started eating healthier, both Colt and I have cut out a lot of what we used to snack on, particularly anything with lots of carbs. That means no chips, pretzels (*sob*) or crackers. But as a salt-loving girl, there's only so many nuts I can eat before I start wanting something different to satisfy the cravings.

While in the grocery store a few weeks ago, I ran across these:

And holy crap, are they delicious. (And totally low on both fat and carbs.)

I've always enjoyed dried seaweed—a bit kooky, I know. I feel silly eating these snacks like chips, as they're flimsy and you kind of have to just shove the whole sheet in your mouth, but as they're around 3"x2.5", it looks a whole lot better than noming one of the sushi roll-sized ones!

I found both types at a local H-E-B, but here's the official site if you're interested in being weird like me more info.


  1. I bought a HUGE box of these from Amazon to keep at my desk at work. I love them!!

  2. I LOVE seaweed!!! So glad I'm not the only one... my husband thinks I am so strange!!! I looked at the web site & they're not available in Canadian stores (BOO) but I think I'll have to order some online!

  3. Ah! I'm so glad I'm not alone. :D And good to know they sell them in larger packages on Amazon—thanks for the heads up, Brandi!

    Zoë, if you have trouble finding them, let me know. I'd be happy to ship some up North. :)

  4. Mmmm...those look yummy. Must try. :)