August 26, 2011

Haiku Revieu: The Help

The Help (***1/2)

Lots of strong ladies
Bryce Dallas is a queen B
So glad I live now

POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD: This movie left me with a heavy heart. While it ends well—or as well as it can end for a story about black maids in Mississippi in the middle of the civil rights movement—I know that the subject matter in the film is like the tip of an iceberg. There was so much ugly underneath the water that the story barely touched upon. I've never read the book, I'm not a history buff, and I've never been a black woman in the south, so I don't know how much the movie leaves out, exactly. But I felt at once both sick about the things that happened to these amazing women and so, so, so grateful that I was born in 1983 with all the opportunities I could ever hope for.

The movie itself is both moving and hilarious. I think Emma Stone is a wonderful actor, and the ladies who played the maids—specifically Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer—were brilliant. If I were Bryce Dallas Howard, however, I think I'd have to take scalding hot showers each night after filming to try to burn away the awfulness of the Hilly Holbrook character. She gets what she deserves and is still a monster.

On a lighter note: The clothes! Oh, the dresses. They were amazing.


  1. i have the biggest girl crush on Emma Stone

  2. I love all these actresses. I wanted to punch Howard's character in the face repeatedly during this movie. She did a good job making me hate her.

    Also, I feel like Howard is in everything all of a sudden. I love comebacks.

  3. Rachel-She is totes adorable.

    Jen-Definitely. If I saw her in the near future, I'd have to work hard not to sneer.