August 12, 2011

Haiku Revieu: Fright Night

Fright Night (****)

Jerry is a vamp
David Tennant goes shirtless
Zombieland with fangs

POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD: When we found "free passes" to a preview showing of Fright Night at a local comic book store last week, my friends and I (and Colt, although he wasn't here to go with, sadly) thought, why not? Free movies, especially those shown at the Alamo Drafthouse, are most always a good idea, because even if the movie is terrible, you got in for free. Thankfully, Fright Night wasn't terrible. It was actually quite good.

The movie, which is a remake of a 1985 film, centers on a boy and his battle with a vampire. We agreed after it was over, that the movie's very much a "Zombieland with vampires"—It's silly and a bit ridiculous, but it's supposed to be. No one in the film is pretending like they're making something that will stand the test of time, they're just all there to entertain. (I had to laugh at the comparison when Wes stated it—although I know they're different people, I get Anton Yelchin and Jesse Eisenberg mixed up in my head sometimes.)

One of the best things about the movie—other than David Tennant being in it*; he makes everything better—was that there was no unnecessary suspense. There was only a little "is he a vampire for reals?" business at the very beginning, but then it was "oh, yep, he's a vampire" and the movie could progress. The 3D is a bit hokey at times, but I've made my stance on 3D pretty clear. (As a reminder—I'm not a fan.)

It can be a little gory, what with a lot of spurting blood and biting and, well, dead people, but I think a lot of the spurting at least was done for the silly 3D effect rather than actual shock value. Overall, however, quite the fun film.




  2. Wait, I'm confused. You laughed at the comparison of this movie to Zombieland in which Anton Yelchin plays the Jesse Eisenberg part (cause, yes they're very similar), or me comparing Anton Yelchin to Corey Feldman (which has nothing to do with Jesse Eisenberg)?

    And in all fairness Emily made the Zombieland comparison. I just agreed and posted about it.

  3. Tish-YES. He is most definitely in it. :D

    Wes-I laughed at the comparison of the two movies because of my internal Anton/Jesse confusion. And I actually didn't hear her say it, and I read your post after I wrote this, so I apologize to Em. :)

  4. here's my own haiku:

    I thought it looked lame
    but David Tennent as a
    sexy vampire? Yes.

  5. I'm not a fan of 3D either. I'd like to see this but my husband doesn't want to, so I'll have to see if someone else will go with me...

    I've never seen the original, does it matter? I usually prefer to, but since this movie doesn't take itself too seriously I wasn't sure... what do you think?

  6. I've actually never seen the original. :) I might be missing out, but I feel like the movie stood on its own. What I don't know didn't hurt me, in this case.