July 27, 2011

My top apps

I am one of those people—I love my iPhone. I love that it's a pretty piece of Apple technology, I love that I can be connected wherever I go, and I love all the fun apps one can use to make life more entertaining.


I use way more than five apps, but I wanted to highlight my favorite five. All of these are free (with the exception of MobileRSS, but it has a free version), easy to use and ever-so-handy. Most of them are available for Androids as well, if that's your drug smartphone of choice.


If you like photos, filters and sharing your images, this app is for you. If you're already on Instagram, add me? I'm on there as mandustries.


I'm including this one as an extra. Labelbox allows you to label photos using a variety of different "tapes" and then typing your captions on top. I love the old-school labelmaker tape and type the best. This app is fun to use prior to Instagram to add flair to your photos.


I'm a major list-maker, and it's taken me a while to find a list app that I truly feel works best with my system. No fancy points for finishing tasks, just a simple interface you can use to create, edit and "check-off" lists. The best part of this app is the connectivity—you can download Wunderlist on your computers, too, and everything syncs up so you're never left wondering if you'd forgotten to complete a task. (Not that you'd ever let your phone leave your side, of course.)

Helsing's Fire

I've tried Angry Birds, Plants vs. Zombies, Tiny Wings etc., but after a while I grew bored/frustrated with those games. Helsing's Fire is a game that I can come back to time and time again and still have fun. It's a little hard to explain, but basically you're working your way through levels, killing rats, zombies, ghosts, golems, mummies and more with potions. The puzzles involve spacial thinking; you have to put your torch in the right spot to kill the right things. (Like I said, a little hard to explain.)


I try (and often fail) to keep up with a vast quantity of blogs. This app is basically a mobile Google Reader. If I want to save a post to revisit on a computer, I can mark it unread. I can even click through to comment on the actual post, although commenting on blogs on a phone can be a bit clunky.


I have the worst memory, and yet, I'm constantly trying to dredge up information on movies, tv shows and celebs to impress my friends. This app is a lifesaver when that little bit of info is stuck in the tip of your tongue.

Do you have any favorite apps? Do tell!


  1. You are wrong. Tiny Wings is the best. I convinced my brother to download it and we had a battle last night at dinner.

  2. The IMDB app is definitely one of my faves, along with social networking apps like Facebook and Twitter. I also use the Goodreads app a lot, and as far as games go, my fave is Fruit Ninja. :)