July 08, 2011

Introducing: Renter's Delight

Colt and I are planning on moving into a new apartment later this year, and what better time is there to play with design? We've been living in a 630 sq ft one-bedroom apartment for the last four years, and we've outgrown the space. Nothing's completely official yet, but we hope to move into a much larger place, one where we can have more room for guests, more room for crafts and more room for all our my stuff. (I'm the hoarder in our family, unfortunately.) And, one that will let us paint the walls (!!!), provided we primer over them when we move out. Renter's Delight will be a "whenever I feel like it" blog feature—a place to share inspiration boards, design ideas, projects, before-and-afters, etc. I've always enjoyed dabbling in interior design; one of the nicest things a stranger has ever said to me was when a delivery girl came to our current apartment and said, "Wow. This place looks like it's from a magazine." I can't wait to share the fun and hope you'll be excited as I am about this new feature.


  1. I'm so excited to see what you do with your new place both on here and in person! <3!

    P.S. I totally agree with the delivery girl, and I'm waiting for you to make-over my space.

  2. Thanks, Chey! I'm absolutely itching to get started, and would love to plan some things for your new space! <3

  3. Definitely looking forward to reading more of this! I adore the living space that you've created thus far and can't wait to see what projects you take on for your new home. :)