June 01, 2011


Happy middle o'the week to you, friends!

The three day weekend—albeit awesome—totally got me all sorts of discombobulated on posting. I meant to save Phineas and Ferb for a later obsessed. and instead post about Michael Bublé's music, since that ties into the week much better. Why, say you? Because I get to see him in concert tonight!

Back in April, I posted a Lusting after ... in which I talked about how much I'd like to see him live. Turns out, I have the best mister ever. He'd already seen that Booble Bublé would be playing in Austin and was planning on buying tickets to surprise me. He gave me grief for ruining the surprise, but we got tickets to go anyway. And I am super excited for what looks to be a really great date night!

I'll just have to save the obsessed. draft for later.


My friend/coworker Kate tweeted about a new 30 Day project and I thought it sounded like fun, so I'm joining up.

I'm a terrible "free" artist. I can copy like nobodies' business, but when it comes to original works of art, I really struggle. I'm hoping a project like this will bring out some sort of latent creativity. I think I'll post the prompts weekly, like I did with the 30 Days of Lists project.

Join up here!


I just found this on Tumblr and did a literal, "what ... OH." Hilarious.


I kind of want that hair color even more now.


And, to wrap things up, Happy June!


  1. ooh i LOVE doodling! i'll definitely be joining in the fun!

  2. yay! have soo much fun at the concert tonight!!

  3. whaaaaaa?! dude- have fun! that should be an awesome concert!

  4. ooohhh... i'm loving michael buble's music! ♥

  5. Yay, Mariel!

    For the rest of you, it was an AWESOME concert. He is such an entertainer!