June 16, 2011

Nerd News: Mashup art, Pottermore, TMNT and more

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Vol. 2, Issue 24

First up, last night was a total blast. Simon Pegg is a super nice guy, complimented our t-shirts (mine, Colt's), and only slightly questioned our strange autograph request:

I don't know that he got the Star Trek reference, but I was so pleased with myself, haha.

And, did you see this? More Harry Potter? What could it be?! DARN YOU JK ROWLING!

While we're on the subject, this is hil-arious.


In movie news this week:
    Some clips/trailers:

    Neverland—which, for the time being, is only being shown in the UK. I really hope someone on this side of the pond picks it up, however. It looks fantastic.


    Cowboys & Aliens


    Harrison Ford always reminds me so much of my dad.

    The Muppets

    This map of Panem (The Hunger Games) is super well-thought-out. (Click to embiggen.)


    I love these nerdy versions of such iconic art. (Thanks to Mariel for linking me to the first two.)



    More nerdy mashups? Don't mind if I do!


    These are funny, too. Although I don't think I could ever hate Miss Piggy, and I hate Cersei Lannister.


    In TV news:
    I'd like to see many of these unmade Star Trek projects.

    Did you know there was a "real" Indiana Jones?
      Megan Lara is an amazing illustrator. I think I might have posted some of her work here before, but it bears repeating.

      These steampunked Star Wars characters seem like they belong in a twee (in a good way) children's book.

      While this isn't exactly a Green Lantern promo, I love it.




      What a gorgeous Wonder Woman.


      A gallery in Philadelphia is having a TMNT tribute show. (This one's for you, Wes!) Some of my faves:


      More trailers for Mass Effect 3 are out. (Thanks one last time, Colt. <3) 

      This is so great. (And I feel like I might have shared it before; forgive me if I have. I'm sorry, guys. I'm getting old.)


      And finally, this is totally what my kids will be like when we have them. (They're going to love being a nerd, gosh darn it!)


      *Going to see Green Lantern tonight ... and I'm ... wary. The reviews have been really not good, and although I'm not one to take those completely into account, it worries me still. I'll let you all know how it goes, of course.


      1. That's so rad that you met Simon Pegg! YAY !!!!!

        I fully admit that I "squeed" when I saw the possibility for more Harry Potter yesterday! *DIES* I will be SO amped !!

        However, I am in complete denial about Doctor Who. I cannot let myself think that there won't be a series next year. It makes my heart hurt.

        I absolutely LOVE the Doctor/Little Prince mash-up so much !! I hung it on my fridge <3


      2. So cool that you met Simon Pegg! I would have been very awkward. I'm apparently very awkward around celebs and authors, as I found out at Comic-Con.

        If Doctor Who gets messed up I will FREAK OUT. That is all.

        All the guest stars coming up sound amazing. Can't wait for Warehouse 13 and Eureka to start! I am re-watching season 4.0 of Eureka at present and it is SOOOOOO good. I'm currently watching the zombie one with Wil Wheaton and I haven't seen it since Comic-Con because no experience of watching it could live up to that. Good times.

      3. Cuppy-Yes! It was a blast. And I KNOW. On both HP and the Doctor.

        The DW/Little Prince was my favorite too! :)

        Jen-I was surprisingly cool, even if I was walking away as he was trying to shake my hand. :P

        And I'm super excited for the new SciFi season!

      4. ha! only on the second viewing of this did i notice the wanted poster to the thorough bread of sin! SO GOO

      5. ohmygoodness...animal WOULD be khal drogo...hilarious.

      6. Rachel-Isn't it amazing? I want that on a shirt.

        Mariel-Of course. :D

      7. ceci n'est pas une lune? brilliant! have you seen the little prince/sith mash-up? i bet you have ;) also? i love to consult maps when i'm reading, so i love the map of panem. and how many times did i google the arena in mockingjay? a lot. stuff like that should be included on the endpapers.

      8. I think I have? I sometimes forget what I've run across in my travels. I'm really surprised I don't repeat myself more often. :D

        And yes! Maps in endpapers are always so handy.