June 29, 2011

Hey you

Forgive me for the short post, but I am absolutely swamped this week with work, life and exciting new projects I hope to share about soon. I am working on finding a balance, but for the moment, I just wanted to share this with you:


I try to keep this in mind when I'm having an especially bad day. I hope you all will too, because trust me—you are most definitely amazing.


  1. That is seriously awesome. I also kind of needed that today. Thank you! ^_^

  2. As you already know, things have not been going well with me at all. BUT i am on my way up. Than i read this and they are more or less the things i want for my self. Mandy, you are awesome, thank you for this. SALUD!

  3. WOW !!!!!! That is quite fantastic! It also rings so true with me because so many times I often wonder why people fawn over certain people & I pretty much have to set myself on fire in room filled with people for anyone to notice me.

    I also spend a fair amount of time wishing I looked like someone else. That I was skinny & pretty.

    This was nice to read & kind of made me feel a wee bit better knowing I'm not alone. Sometimes in your saddest moments it's hard to remember that others feel that way too.

    Thank you for posting this <3


  4. Tim-You're welcome. And I hope things continue to look up!

    Cuppy-I think we all have those days, for certain. At least, know that I do. You're so welcome, and I mean it! We are all most definitely unique and beautiful snowflakes. <3