June 17, 2011

30 Days of Doodles: Days 11–17

One last shill for my poll before we jump into the thick of it.

Day 11: Favorite quote

Day 12: To-do list

I did get everything done by the end of the day, in case you were wondering.

Day 13:

Day 14:

I had a hard time with this, because at first I had no clue how to start a Zentangle. Google to the rescue!

Day 15: A favorite photo

See the original here. This is one of my most favorite photos from our wedding.

Day 16: Favorite shape

I "perfected" the art of drawing stars in biology class in high school. We had a lot of free time.

Day 17: The sun

Saw Green Lantern last night, so—no spoilers—what the sun actually looks like is fresh in my brain.

Happy weekend, and a Happy Father's Day to any of you readerly gents with offspring!


  1. hey i just wanted to wish you all a happy fathers day :)


  2. Hahaha, that is excellent! :D

  3. I'm still loving your doodles :) Your favorite quote is so inspiring and I adore your favorite photo drawing - that would be so sweet framed!

  4. Thanks, Megan! I've loved that quote forever. For a long time I wanted to be an astronaut, so it really spoke to me. Even now, I just love space, and all the possibilities the universe holds. :)

    We're wanting to get the photo on a canvas, actually. My mother-in-law does work like that, so we've got an in. ;) We'd much prefer to have a large photo of our feet hanging on the wall than our faces. We're weird like that, haha.