June 30, 2011

Nerd News: Broship of the Rings, Football Cops, Johnny Depps and more

Vol. 2, Issue 26

Have you seen the Broship of the Rings? Ah-mazing.


You guys. The Nazgul is riding a fixie.

In movie news:
Some trailers:

Killer Elite


Captain America


The Immortals




Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol


And aren't these Johnny Depps cute?


My mom would love this. Almost as much as she loves Johnny.

A couple more art nouveau characters.

Check these, and a lot of other great nouveau characters, on t-shirts here.

Keanu Reeves enjoys Sad Keanu ... enough to write poetry about it.

I enjoy ads with mini-Star Wars humans. (Even when said ads are a tad heavy-handed.)

In TV news:
SyFy has officially announced a premiere date for new online series The Mercury Men.

Richard Castle's Derrick Storm is getting the comic treatment.

Eastwood & (Cowboys and) Aliens:


I ran across a lot of cartoony mashups this week. For starters, here are some more GoT Muppets for you. Fozzy as Tyrion is my favorite of this set.


Who doesn't love Cars?


Some My Little Ponies, perhaps?



Such pretty illustrations.


This is a really well done and little Wizard of Oz musical cartoon remix ... thing.


Along similar lines:


And finally, to round the post out: Football Cops.


'Nuff said.

June 29, 2011

Hey you

Forgive me for the short post, but I am absolutely swamped this week with work, life and exciting new projects I hope to share about soon. I am working on finding a balance, but for the moment, I just wanted to share this with you:


I try to keep this in mind when I'm having an especially bad day. I hope you all will too, because trust me—you are most definitely amazing.

June 28, 2011

obsessed.: 70s rock

Growing up, I listened to a lot of country music, in part because that's what my parents listened to. I never really thought to ask them to change the channel; I liked country music. I do, however, feel like I missed out on some other genres. It's not that my parents don't listen to other styles of music ... I guess country was just the best thing to listen to when I was little.

I started cultivating my own tastes in middle school and tried to move far away from the country scene. I was a huge teenybopper in high school (no regrets!) and in college, I really started to expand my horizons and even realized that not all country was all that bad.

My slow-to-expand musical tastes kept me from truly enjoying classic 70s rock until much later in life than most. But now that I know what I was missing ... let's just say that I listen to the classic rock station here in town more than any other station. (Watching Supernatural has definitely reminded me how great this era was for rock, but I promise you I'm not a fairweather fan.)

Some of my favorite "classics" include:

I didn't include the Beatles in this list because they're a genre all their own.

What kind of music did you "discover" way after the fact? And are you a fan of 70s rock?

June 27, 2011

A mini-break in Marfa

Let me just say, it was hot camping in West Texas this weekend. But we had a really great time and it was super nice to just get away from everything, for a little while.

Marfa wasn't really what I expected—I'd heard things about it being a hopping artist's community and found it to be kind of a ghost town. Very few stores and restaurants were open and the population of more than 2,000 seemed to be hiding indoors. Many of the people we ran into at our campsite and the two movie showings were actually from Austin. The mysterious Marfa lights didn't show themselves, either.

Regardless, it was definitely a worthwhile and fun trip. We got to spend the weekend with good friends, see a couple of movies in their element, visit a very cool observatory, see an absolutely stunning night sky and (attempt) to shake loose the grasp of city living.

Emily and Wes found a funky campground for us to stay at—El Cosmico.

Although there were yurts, trailers and a teepee to rent, we went the good-old-fashioned tent route. Our tent was the biggest there, and quite spacious for the four of us. It was lovely at night, once the area had cooled off. But we were up and out before 10 every day; otherwise it was just sweltering in there.

We got in Friday afternoon, and once we'd set up our living area, made a trip to the grocery store and eaten, it was time for the first movie, No Country for Old Men, which was showing in a field next to a local motel.

We drove out to the Marfa Lights Observation Station afterward in the hopes of catching glimpses of the famed unexplained phenomenon, but to no avail.

On Saturday, we got up, got showered in the very airy and open bath house, and then went looking for coffee and breakfast. We found the coffee easily enough—at a shop, Frama, attached to a local laundromat—but finding breakfast was a feat. We finally settled on Mando's, one of the only open restaurants in town, and it was very good.

We then went back to main street, and wandered around for a bit. Most of it seems to be owned by a company named Judd, but very few establishments looked open, or even inhabited.

We then headed out to Fort Davis and the McDonald Observatory. I think we were all expecting something far less museum-y, but it was really very impressive. And the views were quite panoramic!

We headed back into town, stopped for dinner at Pizza Foundation, which was super good, and then to the second movie, Giant, which had been set up on the main street in town, outside of the Hotel Paisano. The stars of the movie—Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor, James Dean, etc.—stayed there during filming.

On Sunday, we got up, packed up and took a short jaunt to Prada Marfa before driving back to Austin. It really is in the middle of nowhere.

A big thank you to the Hamptons for inviting us along!

June 24, 2011

30 Days of Doodles: Days 18—24


Right now, I'm on my way to Marfa, TX, with some friends for a mini-break with movies, camping, mysterious lights and fun! I promise to make an effort to take photos to share.

Since I'm scheduling this post, I haven't yet done a doodle for today. So Day 24 will be included with next week's wrap-up of the project.

Day 18: A place I'd like to visit


Day 19: My greatest wish ...


Day 20: A note to self


Day 21: Something I'd like to change about myself


Day 22: Exotic animals I'd like to own as pets


Day 23: A moment my life changed for the good

A little explanation of this doodle: Exactly eight months ago yesterday, I woke up to get ready for our wedding at around 5 a.m. As the sun rose over Portland, someone noticed that the boys had been busy. I look outside and see this sign, drawn in chalk on the sidewalk, and it finally hits me that I'd be marrying my best friend and love of my life in mere hours. (Original photo) I know—sappy—but totally truthful.

(See the whole set here.)

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!

June 23, 2011

Nerd News: Game of Thrones, The Hobbit, minimalist movie posters and more

Vol. 2, Issue 25

In tv news this week:
The voice over on this video is terrible, but the thought behind it is hilarious.


Also, the phrase "bromantic comedy"? I so wish I'd thought of it.

Similarly amusing:


Two new entries onto the long list of t-shirts I need to own:



In Harry Potter news:

Of course, Warner Bros. released the trailer for HPatDH:P2 mere hours after last week's Nerd News. Even though you've all probably seen it, I'd feel like I was being remiss in my nerdly duties by not posting it here.

Also, Pottermore? It's pretty much exactly what it sounds like. I am in love with the idea of officially learning more about all the characters!

Here's a video of J.K. making the announcement:

These posters are fantastic. (I don't think I'm going to grow out of the minimalist phase any time soon, you guys.)


And I love these, too. The Superman one was a RIPT shirt the other day that I came really close to buying.


I think there needs to be an Indiana Jones/Hellboy movie made, stat. It makes so much sense!


In movie news:
An actual trailer for The Muppets has finally been released.

    I need want a giant poster of this illustration for my nonexistent nerd lair. (Colt-We are totally having a nerd lair when we get a bigger place.)


    I really don't think that Oscar fits the whole Green Lantern aesthetic—and has Elmo ever been mad in his entire existence?—but I get what they were going for.





    Do you Star Wars fans (/Twitter users) follow @DeathStarPR? You should. Especially because if you're not, you're missing out on gems like this Open Letter to Time Magazine. A snippet:
    NOT ONLY did Darth Vader improve Luke's life immeasurably by giving him the opportunity to become an awesome cyborg, but he then sweetened the deal even further by inviting Luke to join the family business: ruling the galaxy together as father and son. Just in case you missed it, TIME Magazine, that didn't say "run a plumbing company or a small sandwich shop together," it said "RULE THE ENTIRE FRIGGING GALAXY." So Darth Vader, the greatest father in history, wanted to give his son power and wealth beyond measure, EVEN THOUGH HIS SON WAS A BIT OF A WIENER.

    Of course, we could also talk about how Darth Vader saved Luke on the second Death Star, sacrificing his own life to throw the Emperor down the reactor shaft. Or how he became a Force ghost so that he could constantly lovingly
    haunt watch over his children for all time, but we won't because we think you get the point by now TIME Magazine. You do, don't you?

    Now let's put the shiny black all-terrain durasteel boot on the other foot. Let's talk about you, TIME Magazine. Darth Vader is NOT a fictional character. He's been in six biographical documentaries about his life. There are photos of him all over the place. He even recently went to Disneyland. How many movies have you been in, TIME Magazine? How many guest appearances at children's parties have you made? Where are all the photos of you? Maybe YOU'RE the fictional character.
    I do so enjoy it when a joke keeps going ... and going ... and going ... and then starts all over again.


    These Leia posters remind me of the 80s. (Not a bad thing, mind you.)


    And I just like these a lot. (Not surprising.)


    Also, this:


    The vast amount of Young Charles/Young Eric slash fic/art/love that's going around the Interwebs makes me smile.

    I'm so glad Bioware realized that people like FemShep and will be featuring her much more in Mass Effect 3 promotion.

    This article on the top 10 bits of pop culture jewelry is quite interesting. In other news, I finally fully understand the Phineas and Ferb episode about the Mary MacGuffin doll.

    Another great "10" list: 10 reveals that made stories even more confusing.

    Would the Doctor really ride around in a garbage can? Or a pedo-van? I think not.

    It's now so easy to imagine Weeping Angels dancing to the Peanuts theme.


    Missing the gang? This Star Trek comic will tide you over until J.J. Abrams is satisfied with his lens flares.

    And finally: Oh, Leonard. (Thanks, Wes!)