May 03, 2011

obsessed.: "Till the World Ends"

I feel like I should apologize for the earworm I'm about to provide you, but I really can't get enough of this song. Sure, Britney's crazy, but the girl (or her team) really knows how to pack a punch into a 4 minute song.

Her sexed-up videos have always made me laugh.

Yesterday, a remix was released, and—of course—I quickly became obsessed. with this one too.

Anyone want to go dancing with me?


  1. HA. Definitely listened to these instead of writing a paper. Excellent. I get obsessed over HORRIBLE songs, sometimes...

  2. Trust me. I listen to far too much Top 40 radio for anyone's good. ;)

  3. personally i enjoy her love of jackets with large pointy shoulders and how the video is a total rip off of the rave scene from the matrix :P

  4. That too, Rebecca. That too. ;)