May 10, 2011

obsessed.: The Phraseology Project

Some of the prettiest illustrations I've ever seen are just fancy type. Typography can be such an amazing artform; it's one of the top things I'd love to be good at.

Since I can't do it very well myself, I turn to the Internets for my fix. I recently found out about a typography project that takes submissions and turns phrases into art: The Phraseology Project.

I've submitted a couple of phrases myself, but haven't seen them come up yet. What phrase would you like to see done all fancy-like?


  1. Gorrrrrgeousss examples. Thanks for sharing<3

  2. hello, amazing site! ♥ ♥ ♥ this is relevant to my interests - thanks for the obsession!

  3. mandy... youll never believe this...

    that is a Grand Rapids company (aka MY CITY)!!! in fact, we dont ACTUALLY know eachother, but I see them everyday because they work on stuff at my favorite coffee shop where i work, and they eat in the restaurant i work at at least once a week! THAT IS TOO COOL!

  4. Balce-They're just getting started, too. But it's such a neat idea.

    Megan-You're welcome! I have the site set as one of my opening tabs each morning so I don't miss anything new. :)

    Rachel-No ways! Small world. :)