May 17, 2011

obsessed.: Get Fuzzy

I don't get a newspaper on the regular any more, but there are days I miss reading the comics at night, over dinner, and delighting in the colored versions on Sunday mornings. As I got older, it seemed to me that many of the comics got a little less funny. Or perhaps, I actually finally realized that Cathy had never been funny? (No offense to any die-hard Cathyholics out there.)

A few have stuck with me, though. And through the wonders of the Internet, I get them in my inbox every day. My most favorite being Get Fuzzy, a story of Bucky, a rude cat; Satchel, a semi-slow dog; and Rob, their beleaguered, vegan, rugby-loving human.

Some of my faves from over the years:


  1. haha yes - my personal favorite, or at least because of that last panel:

  2. Mandy, first Calvin and Hobbes and now get fuzzy, we seem to enjoy a similar taste in cartoons (mother goose and grimm was another favorite of mine). As for get fuzzy, Bucky's anti-Canadian rhetoric has always been something I've identified with.

  3. Haha, Rachel, that's an excellent one too. :D

    Shaun-Of course! I hadn't even thought about the connection you and Bucky share. ;)