May 18, 2011

Lusting after ...

I figure about once a month is good for these posts. I wouldn't want you guys to think I'm superficially needy or anything. (Even though I kind of am.)

Good things ahead:

A few strings of these lights:

(One of my most favorite things in the universe are buildings in the process of being built, when there's really only the skeleton of what's to come, with all those strings of bare-bulb construction lights lining the ceilings. So gorgeous.)

Any of these quilts, with a room to design around the stunning color combo:

(I know they're baby quilts. No, we're not having a baby any time soon. I just like the quilts. I would like them even more if the big-people-sized versions came in these colors.)

These platform wedges:

(Even though I kind of shudder every time I see platform shoes. I had some stunners in the 90s.)

A custom oil painting of Mrs. Mollie Weasley (not pictured):

(And then a fancy mantlepiece to hang it over.)

These ingenious little coffee warmers:

(Science really is amazing, isn't it?)

This pullover:

(Love the stripe/chevron effect.)

These bags:

(Still loving the satchels!)

A set of these rings:

(I bought pretty much the exact same set at Forever 21 over the weekend, but the gold plate has already worn off the "gold" ring and it's currently turning my finger green.)

Have you seen anything lust worthy lately?


  1. I hate rings that rub off and turn your finger green!
    I am perfectly willing to shell out more money for rings that are REAL. They just make so many cool cheap rings!
    Gotta get clear nail polish on them right away so it doesn't wear off. Or wear off as quickly...

  2. I NEED those coffee warmers! BRILLIANT

  3. Tish-I always forget about the clear nail polish trick, until it's too late. *sigh*

    Rachel-They're amazing! And adorable. :D

  4. You should get the baby quilt and use it on your couch as a "lap quilt" unless it is still too small for that. My aunt made me a quilt for college graduation that is lap-sized and it is absolutely perfect for TV-watching.

    I love the coffee warmers (and basically everything in this post - it's probably good that I don't buy leather handbags, I would be too tempted). I always have to re-heat my coffee because my husband makes it early in the morning and the french press doesn't hold the heat.

  5. Good call on the lap quilt, Jen! Colt likes the apartment cold so I've always got a blanket on while on the couch.