May 09, 2011

Haiku Revieu: Thor

Thor (****1/2)

Magic is science
Brother Loki is a douche
George Kirk is pretty

I was pleasantly surprised after this movie ended. I went into it knowing very little about Marvel's Thor, and regardless of how accurate the origin story is to canon, I came out of it really liking the character(s) and looking forward to seeing more of them. (FYI: I just had a discussion with a co-worker that the movie more closely follows the Ultimate canon, rather than any other. So it does follow a canon.)

(If you're so inclined, read more about the story behind the story here.)

And if you're into this sort of thing (I totally am, not gonna lie), the love story was great too. When I was thinking about it at 2 in the morning after the movie was over, I feared that some of the character progression and plot flowed a little too quickly to be realistic, but thinking about it more when I'm a little less asleep, I definitely understand and like it more. Also, Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth look adorable together. They've got that whole GIANT MAN/teeny woman dynamic going that always seems to work out, oddly enough.

I definitely think this is a great movie with which to kick off the summer superhero season.


(Sorry Colt!)


  1. that is one super duper 'besides'

  2. I'm not totally sold on the love story. Guess I'll need to see the movie a bunch more times, you know, for research.