May 23, 2011

Haiku Revieu: Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids (****)

Hilarious gals
I can see it happening
BFFs always

Bridesmaids is being hyped as "the female Hangover," and while I might not quite agree with the comparison, it's definitely just as funny of a movie.

I went to see the movie last week with a couple of friends/coworkers. It was a great antidote to the long (i.e. stressful) couple of weeks we'd been having.

My favorite part of the movie, on the whole, is that it felt real. These women made fun of themselves, they got themselves into awkward situations, they talked like my friends and I talk. Sure, there were parts that were overly ridiculous, but I connected with the women in the film so much more than I've ever connected with, say, the Sex and the City gals. (Not to say they're not entertaining in their own way). Similarly, no one in the film seemed unapproachably gorgeous. Rose Byrne and Jon Hamm played the "hot" characters, and while yes, they are quite attractive, I don't think I'd go into shock from passing them on the street (if they weren't famous, of course—I do have severe celebrity-induced anxiety).

I'm a bit jealous of  Kristen Wiig's Annie Walker (side note—Anyone else watch Covert Affairs) knowing so many British people: Two bizarre English roomates and an adorably Irish love interest in Officer Rhodes.

Plus, did her hair have to be perfect at all times?


  1. Yay! I'm gonna go see it, I think. I love your reviews. I think that we're fairly similar... so I'd probably like this.
    Sweet! Thank you for posting!

  2. I saw this with my mom when I was back home. We both enjoyed it !! Personally I *loved* seeing Chris O'Dowd <3

    I don't recall what character Rose McGowan was though! Which one was she?

    By the way, I am totally naming my future bakery Cock Baby.


  3. Liz-Thanks! And yes, I think you would.

    Cuppy-HA! I am dumb. I typed McGowan when I meant Byrne. Thank you for catching that! And I think that is a most epic name for a bakery. <3

  4. I absolutely need to see this movie! Glad to read your positive review!

  5. Im glad i read this; the only thing i knew about it was Chris ODowd was in it, and though i LOVE him wasn't sure if it was quite enough to tempt me

  6. Annika-Definitely. It's a really great laugh.

    Rachel-I had no idea who Chris O'Dowd was before this movie; I have really been missing out! ;)


  8. I've actually just started watching it on Netflix. It's great. :D

  9. This movie was so great. People kept hyping it as the female hangover, but I thought it was even better! Jon Hamm's character was so terrible!! I just wanted to smack him. Chris O'Dowd was really cute. I need to see more stuff with him in it.

  10. With your love of all things Brit, you should definitely check out The IT Crowd. I think you'd enjoy it.

  11. You had me at Chris O'Dowd. LOVE him. I'm super excited that you're checking out The IT Crowd!! Richard Ayoade is also amazing (both as Moss and just as a regular human being - he's dreamy)

  12. Both Roy and Moss are awesome, but I have to admit ... I think Richmond is my favorite, haha!