May 13, 2011

Calling a do-over

This week has been—and I hate to be crass—a giant pain in the ass. Illness, injury, frustration, anxiety, technical mishaps, work issues, a trip to the dentist. So I'm calling it now.


I've got my fingers crossed for a little rest and rejuvenation this weekend so that I can start next week with a shiny new outlook.

As an aside, yesterday's Nerd News and comments on Wednesday's post have gone missing, thanks to some issues Blogger's had over the past couple of days. Supposedly, they will be back up "in the near future." If I check back this weekend and they're not there, I will work to resolve the issue, even if it means reposting. Thanks for the concern.

Happy weekend, all!


  1. Agreed! Not only has this week been frustrating in many ways, it's been looooong. UGH.

    Hooray weekend!

  2. same here, dude. I feel ya.

  3. I hope you two had good weekends. <3