April 20, 2011

Your daily moment of cute

I woke up this morning with a sense of purpose and was extremely productive until I hit a wall around lunch. Now, I'm totally wiped. It's humid and hot outside, I have a headache, etc.

HOWEVER, even the most mediocre of days can easily be turned around by a video (or twenty) of adorable animals doing adorable things.


Have you visited Cute Roulette? I promise, only cute animals here, no creepsters.


  1. I never EVER get enough of cute kitty videos <3

    My Moofs left this morning for Austin. He's there until Friday. He's staying at the Hilton which I am guessing is downtown? Is there anything in that area that he should make sure he sees while he's there? I'm so jealous because I wish I was there too even though I know it's super hot there already.


  2. Cute Overload!
    Thanks for sharing. Made me smile<3

  3. Um, excuse me as I go over there and die of cute.

  4. hee! even before i saw where you got these, i knew: cute roulette! hours lost (except not really because it was so cute and awesome).

  5. Cuppy-If he's only in town for a day, make sure he gets some good BBQ. If he has spare time, tell him to check out South Congress, or hit up a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz theater. :)

    Blace-You're welcome!


    Megan-I can't get enough. :D

  6. We're ALL about the BBQ so I know he's doing that for sure (if he hasn't already). He also went to the Museum of the Weird yesterday! I know he's stuck in meetings all day today & frustrated as all get out so hopefully he can do something awesome tonight.

    Thanks for the suggestions <3

  7. Oh my gosh. These are probably the cutest little animals I've ever seen. Made my day. :)