April 08, 2011

Sun River surprise

I am a terrible photographer. I forget to take my camera places, or out of my bag, so I end up taking photos with my phone. Which isn't bad, but certainly isn't the best. And often, when I do remember to take out my camera, I am either on the way to someplace or on the way home and take photos of scenery.

Regardless, I usually finish up a vacation with at least a few pictures documenting the trip. And I can always steal borrow photos from other people that were there who are more diligent at taking shots than I. (Which I've done below—post-thanks to my lovely sister-in-law, Cheyloe.)

Oregon is super pretty. If you've never been, I highly suggest it. There's a lot of varied terrain moving from west to east. The coast is rocky and dune-y and windy and absolutely beautiful, but definitely not a "sunbathing" kind of place. Move a little inland and you'll find yourself in the Cascade range, which is full of trees and mountains and rivers. Keep going and you'll eventually move into higher desert, which is still very pretty, if a little more dry and a little less treed.

I grew up in the Rogue Valley, which is about an hour north from the California border, and about two hours inland of the coast. Definitely a lush, green place. Lots of rain, not so much snow, and pretty temperate overall. We spent the end of last week and the weekend about three hours north and inland of there, which means we got into different territory. More pine trees, higher altitude and much more snow in the winters. Luckily (for me, who doesn't like snow), most of the snow on the ground had melted. There was still plenty in the mountains, and it flurried ("sky dandruffed") the day before we left. We also passed through quite a bit on our way back up to Portland and the airport.

On our way down to Bend/Sun River from Portland, Colt and I pulled off at a rest stop which happened to be the home of some lovely (and old!) bridges.

Our rental car had this little tray just past the cup holders that was absolutely perfect for two cups of sauce! I can't really explain how much this made me love our Subaru Legacy.

I had to stop in for the best coffee in the world on the way. Priorities, people.

We spent a lot of quality time with our niece/goddaughter Eden. She is completely enamored with her Uncle Colt. Or "Tote" as she was pronouncing it.

Among the card-playing, eating and movie watching, we spent time at a park where the adults had a little too much fun on the merry-go-round while Grandma played with Eden on the swings.

(The video looks all wonky, but if you click it, it gets normal.)

Forgive the curse there at the end, will ya? And the cackling.

We also went for a really nice bike ride and had a picnic in the pretty 60-something degree weather. Colt and I thought about riding the bicycle built for two, but man, was that thing hard to ride.

So we rented cruisers.

It was great to spend time with family, and Rita (Colt's mom) was super surprised.

And here's some random shots:

I think we need multiples of this bumper sticker.


(Those really are two different places, in case you were wondering.)

And, finally: Mountains.


  1. Bwahahaha, Boring.

    Awesome pics!

  2. i lived in portland after college and you're pictures make me miss oregon! ahhhh. so pretty out there! too bad the job market sucks. :/ haha.
    thanks for shariiing!

  3. H-Thanks!

    Kenzie-Agreed! We'd love to move back but aren't in a position to at the moment.

  4. I rode a tandem the other day at the shop. BY MYSELF!