April 05, 2011

obsessed.: Star Trek

Another obsessed. from the way back machine today, in honor of it being April 5.What's so special about April 5, you ask? Well ... it's First Contact Day!

First Contact Day is (will be?) a holiday that celebrates the first use of warp drive and the subsequent first meeting of humans and Vulcans on April 5, 2063.

While it might seem like I'm more of a Star Wars fan than Star Trek from what I post here, I've long considered myself a Trekkie (and in case you're curious, I think the whole Trekkie v. Trekker debate is just silly) and feel that there's room enough in my little nerd heart for both Stars. My parents, who are both scifi fans, instilled a love of the genre in me from a young age. I can specifically remember sitting down at 7 on Saturday nights to watch Star Trek: The Next Generation on channel 10.

I've watched every series, from catching reruns of the original to watching marathons of Enterprise on SyFy. I think all of the shows bring something to the Universe, and I really actually loved the way Enterprise served as a sort of plot-hole filler. (Klingon foreheads anyone?) My dad gave Colt and a boxed set of all of the movies a couple of years ago as a Christmas present, and we proudly display it.

I'm also a fan of the recent reboot movie (although many fans weren't ... including my mom) and look forward to seeing more of J.J. Abrams' vision for the canon in the future.

I'll forever be about boldly going where no one has gone before.


  1. Dammit Mandy! This is the most awesome post...EVER! You should get a star on the walk of geek for this! I agree wholeheartedly! Star Wars and Star Trek co-exist peacefully in my little world too. As a wee lad, i watched re-runs of TOS, on a Dutch channel called Avro. The whole thing got cemented when i saw Wrath of Khan on BBC (my grandmother allowed me to stay up late to watch the movie). Star Trek is very special to me and i appreciate you writing this. Thank you :)

  2. Wow, Tim, thank you for your sweet words! I am glad to know another huge fan. :D

  3. I'm not embarassed to say it: I'm a trekkie. :P

  4. haha. you might be my new favorite, missy. and trust me, i will totally bombard you with questions about austin. im SO excited. i have a good friend who lives there and shes been bugging me for years to get my butt down there. i'm ready for some heat. (i think) i'm so glad i was pointed in your direction. and i too was a trekkie when i was younger, channel 5 reruns. whats uppp. theres a little trekkie in all of us, is there not? have a good day!

  5. I'm a total trekkie. I've seen all the series except for some of TOS.

    People who love Star Wars and hate Star Trek and think they are irreconcilable seem to always be people who are Star Wars fans, not sci-fi fans. I had some friends in college who were really nasty about it (again, they were Star Wars fans, not Trek).

  6. Jaza-Awesome!

    Kenzie-Aw! So sweet. And I totally agree, there is a little Trekkie in all of us. Excellent point.

    Jen-Great points!

  7. YAY Kenzie found you!!
    AND ALSO. Oh my gosh. I was telling Anthony about this post and he just rolled his eyes. I LOVE STAR TREK. Frankly, I have a horrible memory for tv/movies/books, but I freakin' love Star Wars/Star Trek. I will not choose between them.
    Aaaaaand, I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I have 30ish collectible plates. (Next Generation) Nerd alert! Hahaa
    I have no idea what I'm going to do with them. Every time I mention them I think that people are going to be SO JEALOUS, but I always get the weird look. Haha

  8. I am jealous, Liz. SUPER jealous. <3

  9. Amen to a fantastic post. Nuff said.