April 26, 2011

obsessed.: Mrs. Munger's Class

When out to dinner with our good friends the other night, I was reminded of one of my favorite parts of the 90s Disney's One Saturday Morning, the short cartoon Mrs. Munger's Class.

I've thought about this cartoon over the years, and once scoured the Internet for clips, finding very little. When I did a search this past weekend, however, I hit the motherload. Does anyone else remember this cartoon?

A little background:
Mrs. Munger's Class was two seasons of brief, 90-second skits on Disney's One Saturday Morning on ABC that featured the talking heads of a middle school yearbook page. The kids in the photos would often exchange silly dialogue and insults, while Mrs. Munger would tell them to "Simmer down! Simmer! Simmer!" The camera would focus on whoever was speaking on one part of the yearbook page and quickly pan to follow the dialogue. Students would move between the pictures to interact with one another. The show was in black and white, but color was used on occasion (on field trips or to show cosmetics). (via)
And now for the good stuff:

Mrs. Munger has some killer exclamations.


  1. I totally forgot about this show. HaHa thanks for the reminder, I will be watching these clips all day:)

  2. mandy thank you so much for all your comments; you made me feel so loved!!! You are so cute :)


  3. Brandi-You're welcome! It's still hilarious to this day.

    Rachel-You are welcome too! I'm sorry I was so behind! :)

  4. Mrs. Munger -- I totally forgot about her!! These clips are awesome...they definitely brightened up my rainy day. Thanks so much!