April 12, 2011

obsessed.: Gag reels

I finished up watching Season 2 of Supernatural last night, and even though it was past my bedtime, proceeded to spend about 20 minutes trying to figure out where the gag reel was. (I found it eventually, after searching through all 6 DVDs. I blame it on the late hour.)

Gag reels have always been my favorite extras on DVDs. Watching people laugh always makes me laugh, and I love laughing. Join with me, won't you, in laughing along with some of my favorites?

(Some are semi-NSFW, what with cursing and Nathan Fillion's bum.)

And the one I spent so much time looking for last night:

Do you have any favorite gag reels that never fail to make you smile?


  1. Yay, gag reels! Love it! I love that firefly one and that they didn't edit out the cussing.

  2. I love gag reels too! And wow, you love my same kind of movies. The new Star Trek, Monsters Inc, SG-1 (a show, not a movie, but still.) Awesome!!!

  3. you are so awesome. gag reels are the best! i don't know how many times i've watched the 'extras' gag reel in the form of "the art of corpsing." if you don't love ricky gervais' laugh as much as i do, it's rather annoying, i'm afraid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urbG2kRVCCE

  4. Gag reels are the greatest thing EVAR. Seriously, I am so disappointed when a DVD has no gag reel.

  5. yeeeeaaaaaaah

    i think my favorite gag real is from a Bollywood movie called Salaam Namaste. Any of you out there who know what im talking about is my istant friend

  6. Jen-I think the cussing is the best part sometimes, particularly when it comes from people you'd never expect.

    Angie-Thanks! And we've got great taste. ;)

    Megan-Aww, shucks! And The Art of Corpsing is great. I really need to watch Extras!

    H-Me too! A total waste. You know there had to be silly mistakes!

    Rachel-I have never seen that movie (or the gag reel). I might have to check it out!